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What to wear to look younger & thinner

It is not a secret that the rigth outfit can take years off your age. So if you are not sure what to wear everyday, check out the tips below and change your wardobe and the way you look!

For casual occasions use the white T-shirt   ( it makes you look young but not juvenile). You can't go wrong with a clean white T-shirt in quality cotton that won't loosen and sag.

Use chicer shorts. Choose shorts the way you do pants -- go for a good fit in the waist and hips. Make sure they're not too short; they should hit around mid-thigh.

Use trendy sneakers. Your trashed sneakers make your feet look frumpy! Opt for trendy sneakers or a pair of sandals.

Look thinner with high hells. A pair of high heels will elongate your legs and give you a more pulled-together look.

For Business you can rely on a classic button-down shirt. A crisp, classic button-down shirt has fresh yet professional appeal. Get one that's neatly fitted -- too loose looks dumpy, but too tight looks trashy. And don't forget that the space between the buttons should not gap.

Look thinner with slacks. Select trousers without pleats in black or in neutral colors to slenderize. Pinstripes also will make you look thinner.

Use fun accessories. Your shoes and purse can really make you feel and look younger. Use fashion shoes -- without sacrificing comfort -- high hells can also make you look thinner. Carry a bag in a bright color for a youthful touch.

Go out with style. The best bet for evening is a simple dress that flatters your assets and disguises what you want to hide. Something with a sash camouflages a tummy; three-quarter sleeves cover upper arms stylishly.

Do not exagerate. Remember Less is More!  Using too many accessories can make you look old-fashioned. A simple strand of pearls and an elegant satin clutch are all you need to complement your outfit. If you like to shine, try a  bracelet, necklace or earrings that sparkle -- but not all of them at once.



By Fabiane Tedesco




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