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symptoms of mitral valve prolapse

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Heart Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral Valve Prolapse Symptoms

Vascular: Cold feet and hands, increases sensitivity to heartbeat and other body functions, such as sounds, smells, and temperature changes.
Headaches: Migraines and headaches.
Sleep disorders: difficulties to sleep.
Fatigue: A lot of pations complains about constant fatigue.
Cardiac: Irregular heartbeats, chest pain, shortness of breath and palpitations.
Gastrointestinal: Irritable bowel, spastic colon, esophageal reflux.
Psychological: Mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and sadness.
When should a person consider having surgery?

The leak is graded on a scale from 0 to 4, with 0 being no leak and 4 being a severe leak. Surgery should be considered when the leak is is graded as a 4 (severe) and in some patients with a leak that is graded as a 3 (moderately severe). When a patient with mitral regurgitation develops symptoms, a decrease in heart function, or an increase in heart size, surgery is recommended. Surgery should also be considered when a patient develops atrial fibrillation, which is an irregular heartbeat. Surgery is also recommended in many asymptomatic patients who have a severe leak; in these patients, surgery improves long-term survival.

What are the chances to repair the mitral valve?

Almost 100%. The most common cause of mitral regurgitation is a condition called degenerative mitral valve disease—this is also called mitral valve prolapse, myxomatous mitral valve disease, and a floppy mitral valve. Such valves can be repaired (rather than replaced) in more than 95% of patients. Cleveland Clinic heart surgeons have the world's largest experience with mitral valve repair.

What is the risk of mitral valve surgery?

For asymptomatic patients the surgery risk is approximately 1 in 1000. Risk in symptomatic patients remains well under 1%. The presence of coronary artery disease or other conditions that require surgical treatment will affect your individual risk. Ask your doctor about your surgical risk.

How long does a mitral valve repair last?

Reoperation is uncommon. 95% of patients are free of reoperation at 10 years, and this statistic is similar at 20 years. An echocardiogram is recommended annually to assess valve function. Patients who had valve surgery must be careful to prevent infections and reduce the risk of endocarditis (a valve infection). Mitral valve repair is more challenging than mitral valve replacement, and experienced surgeons are more likely to be able to repair the valve and ensure an sucessfull outcome.

Some of the benefits of a mitral valve surgery are: better quality of life, late survival, no need for blood thinners (anticoagulation), better heart function and lower risk of stroke and infection (endocarditis).

The Treatment for Mitral Valve Prolapse
What is Mitral Valve Prolapse? Mitral valve prolapse is when the mitral valve flaps do not close properly. The blood flow to the left side of the heart is controlled by the mitral valve. When the mitral valve opens, it allows blood to flow into the left ventricle. When the left ventricle contracts, the mitral valve closes in order to prevent blood from flowing back toward the lungs. Mitral valve prolapse occurs when the mitral valve cannot tightly seal the left ventricle.

It has been estimated to occur in as many as 5% of the American population. The majority of the people that have mitral valve prolapse do not know and have no have no symptoms at all. Sometimes the mitral valve is abnormal from birth. It can also become defective with age, heart disease or an infection. A condition called regurgitation occurs when some blood flows back into the atrium due to the malfuncion of the mitral valve. When this happens, the heart works harder and may increase the risk of a heart attack.

What are the Treatment Options for Mitral Valve Prolapse?
The treatment depends on the severity of the condition. While some people may not require intervention, others may need medication. In case of severe symptoms a mitral valve prolapse surgery may be necessary. There are two basic types of valve prolapse surgery: valve replacement and valve repair. In valve replacement, your surgeon cuts out the damaged valve and replaces it with a new, artificial valve. Valve repair involves the surgeon reconstructing your valve using your own tissues.

A new option on treatment using minimal invasive surgery, utilizing the robotic assistance of the da Vinci® Surgical System is now available and may be the right option for you.




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