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The São Paulo Science and Technology System
The FAPESP is just one part of a large science, technology, and higher education sector run by the state of São Paulo that includes three public universities and several research institutes. These activities are coordinated by the state Secretariat for Science, Technology, and Economic Development (Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Desenvolvimento Econômico--SCTDE). However, most of the institutions under the SCTDE--the three universities, the FAPESP, and the IPT (Institute for Technological Research)--are autonomous. The Institute for Nuclear and Energy Research (Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares--IPEN), located on the USP campus, is also linked formally to the SCTDE but in practice is run by the federal government. The SCTDE also runs the State Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development (Fundo Estadual de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico--Funcet), which provides loans to the private sector, cooperatives, and associations, in collaboration with the São Paulo State Bank (Banco do Estado de São Paulo--Banespa). Funcet has a budget of about US$20 million and a grant program through its Department of Science and Technology (Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia--DCET) (see table 36, Appendix).

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