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Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul


Porto Alegre Brazil Hotel .Vacation,Tourism,Hotels,Tickets,attractionsThe capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre is also one of the “capitals” of Mercosul, which facilitates the socio-economic and cultural integration among the countries of South Cone of America. Observing Porto Alegre from the top of Santa Tereza hill is being amazed with a city over hills, with an edge that advances by the mysterious water of Guaíba. On the Guaíba river, sun sets alight the twilight and inspires the poet: “Céus de Porto Alegre, como farei para levar-vos para o céu?” (Skies of Porto Alegre, how I’ll take you to the sky?) (Mário Quintana).
The sky and the Guaíba river certainly are the main and the more outstanding impressions of Porto Alegre. But the city has much more to show and to celebrate with its visitors. Originally founded by 60 Azorean couples (Açores’ inhabitants, Portuguese archipelago), it has become a cosmopolitan city. It’s the place of people with tradition and history, that have in their soul and in their features the heritage of Italian and German colonists and the determination of the people from the borderlines, responsible for defending territories, besides the characteristics of other 30 races approximately. It’s a place of good food and good businesses. It’s a place that deeply values the culture. Every October, the Book’s Market on Praça da Alfândega (Alfândega's Public Square) mobilize the entire city, and every place people talk about the “book”.

Porto Alegre always welcomes their visitors. Pride of theirs traditions, don’t be surprised if a gaúcho offers you one mouthful of his/her chimarrão that he/she is drinking – one infusion of matt herb in very hot water, prepared inside calabashes and absorbed by silver “pumps”. Consider the gesture a sincere declaration that you’re welcome.


Visit to the city center
Mainly in the Saturday and Sunday mornings, when the city center is not so full because of the distressed routine, historical architecture and the magnificence of buildings enclosed by pleasant gardenlike areas.

Mário Quintana Culture House
Located on the old hotel Majestic, where one of the most important Brazilian contemporary poets lived and is one of the symbols of the city. With an eclectic impressive architecture, now is one of the biggest cultural centers on Porto Alegre, with cinemas, bookshops, library, exposition and spectacle rooms and dance and theater test rooms.

Sunset on Guaíba
The reason why gaúchos are so proud of that spectacle: when it gets near to the sunset, sun projects on Guaíba river a changing of unlikely colors, formed because of the temperature and the atmosphere of the more meridional capital on the country. The time and place of the spectacle varies according to the year period.

Brique da Redenção
Antiquity street market that takes place on Sunday mornings on the beautiful park officially called Farroupilha and that local people call Redenção. Antiquities, craftsmanship and art objects are exposed together with presentations of theater and music groups, clowns and acrobats, in one of the most traditional events on the city.

Mercado Público (Public Market)
On the city center, the XIX century building was restored and modernized. Besides fruits, vegetables and meats, there are typical local objects, like ponchos, mangoes (whips), cuias, pumps and unsweetened mate. There are bars and restaurants.

Typical dish from Rio Grande do Sul and the main mark of the local culture. The meat is roast on coal, seasoned only with bay salt. Special parts of a bull are used, mainly the rib, the most appreciated by gaúchos. Sheep and pig meats are also used. Porto Alegre has big barbecue restaurants that serve a la carte or on rotation system.

The hotels can organize some interesting strolls to the guests. One good option is sailing by the Guaíba river and visiting the small islands from estuary or simply across the riverbed on daily and nightly strolls, in romantic environment, with meals on board. Another interesting option is to spend the day on river beaches on South Zone of the city, leaving more time to enjoy the bars and restaurants on Ipanema.

To those who like agricultural and are visiting Porto Alegre on the end of August/beginning of September, spending one entire day on Expointer is a mandatory programme. It’s the greatest agricultural exposition on Latin America that receives till 120 thousand visitors per day on weekends.

The inhabitants in Porto Alegre have an enviable life quality (with excellent urban infrastructure standards, telecommunication and health). Tourist usufructs these comforts and enjoys hotels of high level.

Porto Alegre is 2100 km far from Brasilia, 1120 km far from São Paulo and 1560 km far from Rio de Janeiro. From its modern international airport, there are daily flights to the main capitals on the country and cities on Mercosul. The city also has a road structure that connects the capital of the State to the main Brazilian borderlines to Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. Its road terminal has buses to the main capitals on the country.







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