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The first Portuguese explorers that arrived at Guabanara bay were amazed because of its extraordinary beauty. Rio de Janeiro grew up to the sides of the bay, the Marvelous City. Fantasy name to a perfect combination of sea, earth, climate and people. A nice mixture of the Indian, White and Black cultures, fermented in a magnificent natural scenery.

Cosmopolitan city, Brazil’s capital for almost 200 years, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most main culture centers on the country, with a lot of cinemas, theaters, museums, rooms of concert, show houses, art galleries and libraries.

Information on Rio de Janeiro Brazil.Vacation,Tourism,Hotels,Tickets Big gastronomical zone, the restaurants on the city offer a lot of options, from international cookery to typical dishes from all Brazilian regions. Very few cities in the world are able to concentrate, in a very cool way, all the little icons that makes life a party: beach, sun, samba, frozen beer, tasteful food, football, beautiful people, streets with light curves that lead to little tropical forests.

Rio de Janeiro is an intense modernity, and it’s also a quotidian meeting with the past. The baroque art found in churches and monasteries, the deco art found in very preserved residential facades, the modernist architecture from 1950’s: all of these elements make Rio a witness of its own history.

Rio is a city that echoes, vibrates. With the sound of surdos, tabors, tambourines and cuicas, that mark the compass of Carnival. With the explosion of a goal in Maracanã stadium, where 170 thousand people support their football teams. With the roaring of the waves in the rocks and with the colorful crack of fireworks in the Réveillon. Rio pulsates in a permanent celebration to life.


Going to a beach in Rio is more than abandoning yourself in the sand and enjoying the sea. It’s walking, bicycling, meeting friends, watching the sunset, appreciating the walk around in the walkway, drinking coconut water or a very frozen beer and waiting for the evening.

Watching the city from high up Corcovado, where Christ is, with open arms above Guanabara bay. You can get to the lookout by car or by a tourist little train that climbs up the hill crossing the forest.

Pão de Açúcar
Information on Rio de Janeiro Brazil.Vacation,Tourism,Hotels,Tickets Another postal card on Rio de Janeiro is a hill in the entrance of Guanabara bay. You can get there by a panoramic cable car that offers one of the most beautiful views on the city. Floresta da Tijuca (Tijuca's Forest) Very near to South Zone, it’s a very exuberant tropical forest, with waterfalls and cascades, within urban area.

Jardim Botânico and Lagoa
Walking around Jardim Botânico (Botanical Garden), walking under the shadows of alleys of palms, breathing the clean air and the peace of tree-lined streets is one of the most indicated programmes to scape from the heat. Walking or bicycling, around the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas’ (Rodrigo de Freitas' lake) border, magnificent water mirror enclosed by mountains, that offers an equipped leisure space and kiosks where you can eat and drink very well.

Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Contemporary Art Museum)
Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, in Niterói city, in the opposite side of Guanabara bay. You can get to Niterói with ferries departing all time from the Rio city center.

To visit the city in the Carnival period and to watch to so called “the biggest show in the planet”, the parade of the samba schools in the “Sambódromo”. It’s a spectacle with colors, music and unforgettable and involving rhythm.

Staying in Copacabana during the réveillon and participating in one of the most beautiful collective parties in Rio. At midnight, the spectacle of fireworks begins, with white dressed people occupying the entire border getting people crazy.

The city also offers excellent hotels and tourism agencies. There is a good communication and installation system appropriate for every nature events, like the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in 1992, concentrating almost one hundred chiefs of state in the biggest conventions center in the city.

Rio de Janeiro is 1150 km far from Brasilia and 420 km far from São Paulo. It’s has an enormous and modern International Airport, that receives flights from all over Brazil and the world. Galeão airport, next to the city center, operates with domestic flights. It has road terminals with bus departing to cities all over Brazil.








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