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Salvador Bahia Hotel Brazil.Vacation,Tourism,Hotels,Tickets,Beaches,flights ticketsSalvador Bahia, happiness land”, said one of the most poets that loved this city, “the most beautiful”, says the popular song. Bahia de Todos os Santos was the name given by Portuguese explorers in 1501, when they arrived at this natural anchorage, with blue water guarded from wings and flow. To the sides they founded the first Brazilian capital, São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos. Or simply Salvador.

African culture and ethnical heritage are more significant in Salvador Bahia than in other capitals on Brazil, and involves the city in an atmosphere of joy and enchantment. Baianos are proud to be black (“afro”) in their music and dancing, in their rituals and parties, in their dressings, in their food, beliefs and religiosity.

Because of this natural, historical and cultural wealthy, Salvador Bahia is a place with many artists and arts. It’s said that when baianos are not at a party, they are preparing themselves for one. Salvador has one of the best Carnival parties on the country, with lively sound cars (electrical trios) that lead crowds of people to follow them, without stop dancing. Beyond Salvador, there are enchanted routes, such as Linha Verde and Rota do Descobrimento, that lead to wonderful beaches, a lot of history, adventure and, always, a lot of joy.


It’s the synthesis of city history and culture. Unesco designated this historical center as Cultural Patrimony of Humanity because it keeps the major America baroque architectonic collection – there are 600 restored buildings.

Mercado Modelo (Modelo's Market)
The major craftsmanship pole in Salvador. Built in 1861 to be an customhouse, nowadays it has 259 tents which offers every kind of popular production in leather, straw, tissue, wood, laces, semiprecious stones and silver, besides candies, fruits in syrup and craft drinks. The sunset at Farol da Barra Beach One of the postal cards on the city, not only because of the natural beautiful scenery but for the enchantment of seeing the lighthouse superposing sun’ on bay waters.

Lagoa do Abaeté (Abaeté Lake)
Walking on the white sand and wetting your feet in the dark water of this enchantment lake enclosed by dunes where you can drink some coconut water and breathe some peace.

Terreiro do Gantois (Gantois Terrene)
One of the most known and traditional candomblé terrenes within about 2000 existing in Bahia. It’s located near the city center, in a well-urbanized, safe and easily accessible area. You can climb up Colina Sagrada (Sacred Hill), and ask the blessing of the city patronal, Nosso Senhor do Bonfim. From Nosso Senhor do Bonfim Church, you get a spectacular sight of Todos os Santos Bay, that’s located at Ribeira neighborhood and that’s the local of the baianos’ peregrination.

Salvador Bahia Hotel Brazil.Vacation,Tourism,Hotels,Tickets,Beaches,flights ticketsBaiana Food
Highly influenced by African food, it’s the most typical on Brazil. Moquecas (stewed fish, shrimps and other sea foods very spicy), bobó de camarão (stewed shrimps with manioc sauce), sarapatel (made with little pieces of pork) and vatapá (made with peanut cream) are some of the most famous dishes served in specialized restaurants. You cannot miss the chance of eating a delicious acarajé, typical delicacy from Salvador. With their cooky sheets placed in the sidewalks, baianas prepare this little cake with beans paste, vatapá, shrimp and hot pepper.

The island in front of Salvador has wonderful primitive beaches. You can get there by ferryboats and by boats. Depending on the kind of ship, it may take from 30 to 90 minutes.

Costa do Sauípe (Sauípe Coast)
In a large area in front of the sea, at Barra do Rio Sauípe beach, there are five big hotels from international companies, inns and sports and leisure complexes. Golf field with 18 holes with professional structure, suite of tennis fields and other modalities, and a nautical center with boats, canoes and windsurf boards. There are also cavalcade and equitation center. Besides the accommodation, the visitor can chose to spend one day and enjoy the equipments common to all hotels. Costa do Sauípe is 110 km far from the Salvador center, and it’s 76 km far from the airport.

A stroll to Praia do Forte (Forte Beach)
It’s amazing the emotion of watching an enormous sea turtle appearing on the waves, walking into the sand, preparing its nest and putting there its eggs to grow up. After a time, these eggs get mature and become several little turtles, which come back to the sea seeking for life. This happens at Praia do Forte, where exists a sea turtle preservation project developed by Brazilian government supported by scientific institutions and private entities. You can get there by Estrada do Coco (Coco Road), a coastal road where you can see other beautiful beaches, such as Arembepe, where there are hippies from 70’s.

Salvador has a large hotel structure, effective communication net and customer services within the best international patterns, including some resorts. It has tourism agencies that guide the tourists on rides about the city and on attractions around the country. The convention center is able to host large events.

Salvador is 1550 km far from Brasilia, 1730 km far from Rio de Janeiro and 1960 far from São Paulo. It has a totally automated modern airport that receives all portage aircrafts in a safe, comfortable and quick way to passengers. Receives buses from the main capitals on Brazil. The main access roads are BR-101 and BR-116 that binds Salvador to the north and south of the country.








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