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Travel Sao Paulo brazil.Vacation,Tourism,Hotels,Tickets,car rental,map,picturesA city with all languages and accents, beliefs and tastes. Third largest metropolis in the world, São Paulo is exciting day and night. Over 10 thousand inhabitants have much more than Portuguese, Black and Indian offsprings. They also have Italian, Judean, Japanese and Arabic offsprings, and many other people. Above all, they’re fast.
The rhythm of the machines on the industrial park dictated the slogan that paulista incorporated and execute literally: “São Paulo can’t stop”. Nowadays, the even more accelerated rhythm of the Stock Market, the incorporation of the newest technology in industry and services and the several surveys performed in beyond comparison university centers state that São Paulo doesn’t stop.

Travel Sao Paulo brazil.Vacation,Tourism,Hotels,Tickets,car rental,map,picturesSão Paulo is a concrete city with more than 30 parks totalizing 15 millions of square meter green area, and it also has some buildings created by human beings with creative and ability, like Museu de Arte de São Paulo – MASP (São Paulo Art Museum), Memorial da América Latina (Latin America Memorial) or the architectonic complex of city center with its buildings, bridges and viaducts.

Because of its importance in Brazilian economy, São Paulo has the major part of central offices from national and international companies and it’s a mandatory reference to businesses. However, you’ll see that São Paulo has much more than that.


The city is considered one of the major gastronomy zones in the world. It has more than one thousand restaurants with typical food from all Brazilian regions and practically from all over the world. That’s why paulistanos always go to restaurants after going to the theater or cinema, before going to dancing clubs or shopping.

São Paulo has excellent art and historical museums. The modern and bold building MASP keeps an internationally famous collection of artists like Bosch, Rembrant, Poussin, Van Gogh, Renoir and Degas. Pinacoteca do Estado (State Art Museum) is located on a totally recovered building from 1905 and it has art works in its heap from XIX century and modern Brazilian artists. Museu Paulista (Paulista Museum), called Museu do Ipiranga (Ipiranga Museum), exhibits objects that tell Brazilian history from XIX and XX centuries. Museu de Arte Sacra (Sacred Art Museum) has religious pictures and objects, the most ancient from XVI century, within a collection of over 4 thousand pieces. These are only a few within several places destined to culture in the city.

Sala São Paulo (São Paulo Room) exhibits concerts from Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (Symphonic Orchestra of São Paulo State) and it is internationally recognized by its quality. It’s located at Julio Prestes’ train station, built in 1930 and turned into the most perfect acoustic concert rooms of the world. Teatro Municipal (Municipality Theater), built in 1911, has a luxurious decoration observed on the picture of its roof, crystal lusters and on the stairway marble floor. It’s part of Brazilian art history because of Modern Art Week advent in 1922. It maintains the symphonic orchestra, cord quartet, chorals and ballet.

Ibirapuera Park
Ibirapuera is a very arboreal urban park considered the “Lung of São Paulo”, where paulistas go to take a walk and practice sports. It has several artistic spaces – MAC, Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Contemporary Art Museum), and MAM, Museu de Arte Moderna (Modern Art Museum). It also has Oca, a building created by Oscar Niemeyer, where great expositions are performed, and Pavilhão da Bienal de Arte de São Paulo (Art Biennial Pavilion of São Paulo).

The paulista nightlife doesn’t stop. There are several types of bars, with live music from all origins and rhythms or quiet cafés for nice chats, show houses with exhibitions of national and international artists, clubs to a public with different styles. Vila Madalena, Itaim Bibi, Vila Olímpia, Bexiga and Jardins are examples of places where you can go to.

São Paulo is a modern metropolis, which offers an excellent structure, especially to business tourism. There are hotels from national and international companies, transportation and communications effective services. The city has a large helicopter fleet, which use helipoints located on commercial buildings and hotels. It has modern convention centers, such as Anhembi, with exposition rooms, auditoriums and amphitheaters, and complexes like Memorial da América Latina (Latin America Memorial), created by Oscar Niemeyer.

São Paulo is 420 Km far from Rio de Janeiro and 1020 Km far from Brasilia. Flights to the main business and tourism centers depart from the International Airport, 30 Km far from the city center. Both Congonhas Airport, in the city south, and International Airport have national flights to all regions on the country. It has three road terminals with bus departing to cities all over Brazil. Modern highways bind São Paulo and Rio de Ja






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