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Brazil: Sustaining Economic Growth

by Jose Ricardo Aguilar
University of Bridgeport
10 Jan 2011
Revised on March 10, 2011


This academic article presents an overview of the present economic situation in Brazil and addresses what the country needs to do in order to sustain the economic growth. Many economists and scholars recognize the change Brazil is going through, but very few have taken the time to elaborate on and what the country must do in order to sustain the evident growth. This article focuses on some of the major issues that are slowing down the country’s growth, but also points out some of the recent improvements helping boost the Brazilian economy.  
 Even though the country has so much growth to be expected, the reality is that Brazil is not quite there yet. All indicators show that the country will eventually become an “emerged force,” and there is little doubt to it, but before the country can get there, it has to go through the phase of sustainability. It is extremely crucial that Brazil can manage to not simply try to grow economically, but to figure out how to maintain this growth.
The importance of maintaining economic growth lies on building a foundation to support the future progress the country is so eager to get to. This will include many challenges and smart (but limited) government involvement. So far, the recent governing administrations have done better than expected. First came Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who laid out the path to economic stability and later came Lula, who continued the inherited policies, managed to make them better, and even did some work to promote the country internationally as a future economic force.
Brazil shows promise and character. This is a place where former singers and soccer players can become political figures. It is a place where the poor is starting to feel motivated to rise to the upper classes. And this is a place where its music is powerful enough to keep its people happy whether they have jobs or not. The world is eager to see how well Brazil can mix its samba with attractive economic policies, but before the country can get there, it has to figure out how to both maintain and sustain the economic growth.


Brazil: Sustaining Economic Growth

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