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The uses and gratifications approach claims to offer a more complex approach understanding the media-audience relationship within a wider social context. Audience members are now viewed as active and rational participants that choose what and how to use specific media content with the goal to achieve different gratifications and needs. This framework explains the audience selection and interpretation of a media message by anchoring it on satisfaction (Blumler & Katz, 1974; Blumler, Brown, & McQuail, 1970). Critics of this approach have stressed its lack of a sociological framework, contesting that uses and gratifications’ main assumption is ambiguous in dealing with power relations in society as well as in media organizations (Elliott, 1974).




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Top Cities in Brazil for Tourism:

Belo Horizonte
Fernando de Noronha
Foz do Iguaçu
Porto Alegre
Rio de Janeiro
Salvador Bahia
São Paulo

Top Florida Cities for Tourism

Miami, FL  
Fort Lauderdale , FL
Orlando, FL
Tampa Bay, FL

Jacksonville, FL
Key West, FL
Naples, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
Boca Raton , FL  
Destin Florida
Pensacola Florida
Sarasota Florida
Fort Myers Florida
Clearwater Florida
Daytona Beach FL
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