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The production for “O Clone” is very elaborate. The first scenes of the novela are taped in Morroco in a 40-day tour of five cities. Beautiful scenarios of the Medina in Fez, Sahara desert takes, and people on the streets capture the audience’s attention. Jayme Monjardim is responsible for the direction of the telenovela. Under his leadership scenarios are chosen to capture the experience that he and his crew have in Morocco. In his website he writes:

It was a unique experience for us. We shot in the Sahara desert, under a heat of 127degrees Fahrenheit; we mobilized a caravan of 25 camels and 12 desert man; transformed shops in Fez into dressing and editing rooms; shot up to ten scenes a day.
And always with the care to not interfere with the life of the Moroccans. We could not stop a city (JaymeMonjardim.com)

It is also documented in his website that in Rio at the Globo studio in Jacarepaguá, they built a copy of the city of Fez where 50 extras circulated in each scene. They also create the set for the neighborhood of São Cristovão, Lucas and Maysa’s house along with Mohamed and Latifa’s, and Albieri’s clinic.

Table 4.2: Jayme Monjardim’s Direction Work

TV Station
Braço de Ferro 1983 Bandeirantes
Amor Com Amor Se Paga 1984 Rede Globo
Partido Alto 1983/1984 Rede Globo
Voltei Para Você 1987-88 Rede Globo
Corpo a Corpo 1984/1985 Rede Globo
Sinhá Moça 1987 Rede Globo
Direito de Amar 1992-93 Rede Globo
Roque Santeiro 1985/1986 Rede Globo
Kananga do Japão 1990/1991 Machete
Mini - series
TV Station
Kananga do Japão 1990/1991 Manchete
A História de Ana Raio e Zé Trovão 1990/1991 Machete
O Canto das Sereias 1990 Machete
Pantanal 1990 Machete
A Idade da Loba 1995/1996 Bandeirantes
Chiquina Gonzaga 1999 Rede Globo
Aquarela do Brasil (Mini-series) 2000 Rede Globo
Terra Nostra 1999/2000 Rede Globo
O Clone 2002 Rede Globo
A Casa das Sete Mulheres (Mini-series) 2003 Rede Globo
Feature Film
Olga 2004  



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