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The first message posted in the forum for “El Clon” is on January 5, 2002 in anticipation of the start of the telenovela January 14, 2002. At the time of this research, the message board for the telenovela “El Clon” has around 48,135 messages posts in 7,803 threads. The messages are written in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Translations into Spanish or English are available in the page. Postings continue to this date.
The messages on the research are posted mainly in English, some in Spanish, a few in Portuguese, and as they like to say, Spanglish, a mix of the languages was also utilized. To illustrate this scenario, here are some answers that surface when a poster askes if they all speak Spanish:

Does everyone here speak Spanish fluently?
Does everyone here speak and understand Spanish?

I do, hola, como estas?, no texto (nt)

Re: Does everyone here speak Spanish fluently?
Yo entiendo 100%
Hablo 90%
de Brasil!

No, not I. Pero trato de mejorarme cada día.

Re: No, not I. Pero trato de mejorarme cada día.
Hello all, I do not speak/understand spanish very well, but I am learning.

Re: Yo hablo Portunol. :) nt

Re: Does everyone here speak Spanish fluently?
Yo hablo Ingles, Español y por Telefono.

Besides giving a glimpse of the linguistic diversity of the participants, this thread shows how the subject line is frequently used as part of the messages or it is actually the intended message, therefore, from now on, when giving examples, the subject lines will also be included, in bold characters to differentiate from the message body. This also mimics the display of the bolded subject line in the web site. The vast majority of the messages analyzed in the study are in English. The messages are cited here as they are posted, in order to truly capture their flavor. However, to keep participant’s confidentiality their screen name will not be disclosed, a letter will be used instead, when their name or another participant name is part of the message. The messages can be short, with no text as seen previously, and they can also be extensive narratives, sometimes with the inclusion of articles.
The participants of the forum are very welcoming of new comers, and in the following interaction, it is possible to see how they display this camaraderie:

i’m new on this foro
but have been watching novelas for a few years' now !!! ...i love them, although my spanish comprehension is basic, at best !! ...
i remember m from paz's foro, that originated a few years ago with terra nostra !!! ...i see that foro is "no more", though :((
anyway, i started watching el clone from day 1 and am totally mesmorized with it...i missed it the first time around, and am sooo happy to see it has returned now !! ...this combination of brazilian and moroccan culture is awesome and the scenery and music are just brilliant...the actors too are great...what wonderful chemistry jade and lucas have together !! ...
i live in canada but worked in saudi arabia for 8 years (between 1984 and 1992) so "reliving" this arab culture again really adds a special interest to the novela for me....
i've read all the posts below and have learned alot from them...thankyou to everyone for the information...what a great way to learn more about the differences in our world !!!

Bienvenida! It is wonderful to see another forista with a first hand experience with the Arab culture.
Normally, M is the one we turn to for some answers...
Hope you have a good time with El Clon and this foro....

Hi and welcome, G…you
will LOVE being a particpant in this forum...nice people, good conversation, stimulating topics, and most importantly, a common bond......WE ARE ALL CLONAHOLICS!



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