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In more recent interaction with the start of the “El Clon” rerun, one of the participants asks who the other participants are and if it is their first or second time watching the telenovela. This question, answered promptly by the other members of the forum, allows for some additional information about the forum’s participants at that time. Some of the participants write they are from New York, New Jersey, Florida, Northern California, Southern California, Idaho, some disclose their background, Iranian, Moroccan, Puerto Rican, and English/Irish. The majority of them stated that they are watching the novela for the second time. Many also have tapes that they watch.

Forum participation is dynamic, members come and go, but there is certainly a core of members that have been with the message board since the beginning. As previously outlined, forum participants have also disclosed that they are posting from different parts of the world, here are some examples:

Re: Where is everyone from?
hi i am C from israel born here and grew up in the senter of israel in a city that called tel aviv

Re: Where is everyone from?
Family from Spain, born in France, raised in Switzerland and the USA......................Now I am in Dallas Texas

Re: Where is everyone from?
I live in Silver Spring, MD, born and raised in the D.C. area. I'm a product of a Philly Mom and a Bronx dad who met on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, fell in love and the rest is history. I spent summers as a kid w/grandma in Philly and down the shore (A.C.). I spent 2 years living in Madrid, Espana, having a wonderful experience abroad, living a totally different life than what I was accustomed to. Ironically, I had many brasilian friends that were living and studying in Spain and the one thing I remember most about them was how great they were. The guys were totally hot and as nice as could be, to boot. Real down-to-earth, easy to be around, and a real zest for life. Not surprising now, that I should love watching the brasilian telenovelas! SALUDOS TO ALL

Re: Where is everyone from?
born and raised in Istanbul/TURKEY.

Re: Where is everyone from?
i'm from a small kibbutz in the south of Israel, i was born and raised here, spent 3 years in my childhood in buenos aires, argentina with my parents who took us to a grand trip through all of south america, including Brazil. and then when i grew up i spent a year and a half, studying, working and touring in new york city, and the states. my first boyfriend was from Brazil and i had lots of friends from there, i like that rythm they carry in their blood... brazilian music was always part of my life... and recently i started studying portuguez , i guess this time it was because of "el clon".

Re: From Romania…
...with my regards! :)))anyone else from Romania?

Re: Where is everyone from?
Hello Everyone,
I would like to tell you all that I am from Tucson, Arizona. The hot Sonoran Desert! Born and raised. I lived in San Diego for 2 years and came back, why? I have no idea! I plan to move back there soon, and as for traveling around the world like some of you, I still need to get my feet wet! I would love first to go and see Brazil and Morocco, of course inspired none other then by the best novela ever made! El Clon! and then go visit the European Countries...I want to learn about every culture!

From LA!!
Hi! I am from Los Angeles, California, USA. I love it here! Hispanic with a Mexican dad and a Guatemalan mom!

T ;o)
...loves her novelas!

This thread has more posts, but these are just to give an idea of the vast universe that the forum’s participants compose. Some participants are Muslims, either because they are born into the religion or they converted to it. These participants usually share their knowledge and feelings in the forum regarding the novela’s content.

The posts can be visualized as a threaded view, with collapsed threads, or with the messages displayed in a flat view. The posts are normally viewed in chronological order with the more recent messages topping the list. The site also provides a list of posts by dates. The telenovela-world site allows 87 maximum participants at a time, and there is a display on how many participants are online.



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