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On the same subject of women’s rights, this time when Jade needs her husband’s permission to travel from Morocco to Brazil, the posters comment on their own experiences or feelings regarding this subject:

Re: Not so many years ago

Hi, F.

Actually, the suppression doesn't even go that far back as the suffragettes. There were plenty of things that my generation was "not allowed to do" or places we couldn't go, and I remember meeting an older woman once, a highly respected and well-known book editor, who was not allowed into the Princeton Club in New York City for a professional awards dinner because she was a woman. She said it was the most humiliating experience of her life to be turned away at that door. If I'm not mistaken, it was only in the 1980's that the Princeton Club was forced to open its doors to women guests.

Re: Not so many years ago

Q, the whole topic of "Equal Rights" is such a pet peeve of mine. I get so upset when hearing about inequality regarding gender, race, religion, or whatever. I know we have come a long way since our ancestors had to struggle with such issues, but you would think in the 20th and now 21st centuries that we would be so much more ahead, but I guess not. What really depresses me is reading about the places in the world that are still where we were many years ago. Thanks for your input.

This conversation takes place when the posters start to relate the problems present in the novela and translating it to their own experiences. Here the comments are not related to women’s rights in the Muslim world, but the message writers are able to transport the subject to their own culture and analyze it in the light of gender repression, not limited to a cultural problem. While expressions such as “I get so upset when hearing about inequality…” or “What really depresses me is reading about the places in the world…” are examples of affective interaction, the fact that the messages disclose the posters own experiences adds another layer of referential interaction. The shared knowledge and experiences are part of the construction of the social learning environment and the participatory communication. The exchange of shared experiences and stories help to facilitate the process of change. In an entertainment-education scenario, the fact that the audience can relate the message to their own experience is considered a precursor that facilitates behavioral change (Papa et.al., 2000). The posters can relate Jade’s struggles with the conditions of women in countries where their rights are curtailed and then refer it back to their own experiences and knowledge of gender inequality. These manifestations of interpersonal communication also express notions of dialogical communication, where the interpretation of the transmission of information is not from those who have knowledge to those who lack it, or from the powerful to the powerless (Freire, 1970), for it is also an exchange of experiences.

On the other hand, Said’s character also sparks affective interaction demonstrated by the following posts:

Re: The real hero
Honey, I agree with you completely. Said is the man. He loved Jade enough to go against everything to save her. She just doesnt' see it right now. but don't worry, without giving away anything, you'll discover lots of surprises as the story unfolds. this is only the beginning! I still like Lucas though, he's still hot!

Re: The real hero
“I felt deeply, incredibly sorry for Said on his wedding night with Jade. And saw aspects of kindness in him afterward. But I learned to hate him, too.

As M and others have said, these characters are like real people with faults as well as virtues.

But I don't think you can like both Lucas and Said. Sooner or later you will be in one camp or the other.

Re: The real hero
I also like Said, though my favorite will always be Lucas. As far as Said & Jade, we already see Jade scheming that she'll start taking jewels from Said and use them to escape. Irrespective of whether she had fallen in love with Lucas, I'm sceptical of whether she ever would've fallen in love with Said. Said was very restrictive on what she was allowed to do and she's rebellious by nature. She still wanted to go to school and he wouldn't permit it. I think part of her falling in love with Lucas had to do with the power and freedom Lucas yielded to her.

Although I always enjoy Jade's acting, she was the least sympathetic of the main characters to me. I always saw her as the domino that caused everybody else's suffering because she stupidly married Said when she was in love with Lucas.

Re: The real hero
I really admired what Said did to save Jade. I also felt bad for him at his wedding. Jade was really unhappy. I loved her acting job so much that I sort of despised her for it. Why not fake a little bit of happiness for Said's sake. It's his wedding too. But I'm sure they are used to have unhappy brides since these things are pre-arranged.

Re: I like Said too
I still think they're both hot. It's ok, I'll take them both! ha ha! Remember Lucas is really young, and he's insecure, he gets confused. He tried to fight for her but it was too late. Said is a real man if you ask me. but whatever, that's soap operas!



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