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In these messages regarding Said, the posters demonstrate ambiguous reports of the parasocial sub-dimension affective interaction in relation to the character. Said is supposed to be the antagonist, the man that Jade marries against her will. However, the messages talk about feeling deeply sorry for him, while also learning to hate him. Other post expresses approval of the character saying that he is the man, still, on the same message the writer also articulates her liking for Lucas “he’s still hot!” While some posters express negative affective parasocial interaction towards Jade “I loved her acting job so much that I sort of despise her for it.” They also suggest that she could have been a little sympathetic towards Said, faking a “little happiness”, even though they are marrying in a pre-arranged agreement. The suggestion of a different attitude by the character might also be seen as a critical involvement, without going into the merit of the suggestion; this would be appropriate in another study. Jade is also seen as the “one that caused everybody’s suffering”, and the least sympathetic of the characters. In these messages feelings of sympathy are geared towards Said, the one that ultimately is impeding Jade’s happiness. However, the feelings expressed are also ambivalent; the messages are not totally in favor of Said, or totally against Jade. Even these feelings mimic the telenovela’s author’s intentional use of complex characters in order to generate a wide range of feelings instead of the like/dislike so commonly encountered when characters have a more unilateral dimension.

However, some posters have a different take on Jade’s behavior, expressing affective interaction in response to some criticism that the character receives:

Selfish Jade!

That girl is so selfish! I'm talking about the previews. She doesn't care that Soraide will surely get" 70 azotes" for helping her escape. She doesn't think about anybody but herself! What about Said? I know she doesn't love him, but she did marry him and now she should stand by the decision she made. I have no sympathy for Jade!

Re: Selfish Jade!

if i were in her position i would do the same thing shoot........being married with a guy that i dont love or feel attracted to......(and at that age of 17 everyone is selfish no matter what situation they are).....and it is Zoraide's decision whether to help her or not and she does, so why judge? i mean this is a girl that was brought up in Brazil and was not raised like a real muslim as many people saw in the first episode she barely knew anything just a few certain things...i think it was very ignorant for her uncle to give her to Said when her mother just died and when he knew that she did not totally understand the religion......and i dont feel pity for Said everyone warned him about her......she caused so much trouble before they go married and told him she wasnt a virgin....then why did he insisted? thats his fault and i hope he suffers with her more.he deserves her hatred and selfishness........and much more than that.........and about her escaping with Yvette......remember she meet her like 2 days before Yvette told her to live with her....so she was a total stranger and she did not know whether she was going to be able to stay with her without Lucas since she did gave permission to both ......not only her.......plus she was mad cause it was the second time he left her hanging i would be pissed and afraid.....go with someone you barely knew...or return home to ur family?

This thread contains many posts regarding the writers’ opinion about Jade and Said’s behavior, some favoring Jade, others Said, and some even splitting the blame. The character Jade has many contradictions to deal with. As the poster recognizes, she is raised in Brazil and suddenly needs to embrace a whole different set of values. Some posters identify with the difficulties relating to that struggle, but not all. These messages reflect affective interaction with the character Jade in contrasting ways. The posts also reflect the value of the message writer, one that thinks that once you are married you should stick to it, and the other that places herself in Jade’s position and according to the writer’s values would do the same as Jade. The discussions are rich in contrast and commentaries about ideas of marriage, again woman’s rights, and religious commitments. Sharing different and contrasted opinions also foster the idea of participatory communication and critical thinking. While the posters debate about the characters’ behavior they are also clarifying positions and learning from one another, which can also be viewed as a social learning experience.



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