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Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

good point T. i really appreciate when people ask me things about morocco and islam. and infact if u or anyone else ever had a question, feel free to ask no matter how small or anything.

T, I'm not talking about people who want to learn, and ask curious questions. I'm talking about the people who had this novela raise their ignorance even more. And I've run into a lot of people like that. Quite a few. And that upsets me, it really does. It doesn't bother me if someone asks me a sincere question, I don't like attacking islam questions because they now think they are islamic experts because they've seen el clon. Once I was at my Brazilian's friend's house being attacked. It was horrific. I was so angry.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up
ur really speaking my mind I. thank u for that. yes the novela is really good and they portray muslims positively overall, but u know u cant blame us for feeling like we need to defend everything we can about islam and our culture because it is true that now a days people think "o muslim women are opressed" and this and that. when i watch on el clon how the women are forced to cover and how women cant keep their children and theyre just married off and all the men go around having many wives like its something normal, i get mad. i feel like i need to inform people how islam really is and how life really is in morocco. i feel like islam is so misunderstood and i jump on edge everytime i see something thats not true on tv or the news and stuff. cant blame me :-/.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up
Wow you guys I wasn't going to participate in this discussion just read all your comments but after finishing I have to say that I see all of you have really good points. I really appreciate our Muslim foristas clearing up misconceptions or giving us your opinion on how your religion is being portrayed on this novela. I'm glad we have you guys here to answer our questions. I also have to say that I'm impressed with how we argue about disagreements with class and no insults like on other forums.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up
i agree, i really love this forum because i feel i can state my mind and no ones going to attack me. we can discuss our views and everyone respects each other. i really like that. i love answering peoples questions too, about my faith and religion or anything.

Why can’t the world be like our forum?
What a lovely, intelligent group we are! I still love how Tio Ali and Abu fight and then hug up. And Tio Ali and Albieri. Tio Ali is super.

Liebs & Katz (1986) suggest that a research on audience involvement should include all of the following discussed components. The study of the posts allows for this unique opportunity to observe the reactions and comments of the telenovela viewers as it happens in the forum, without an outside interference and in their own words. It gives a glimpse on how they understand the subject, how they help each other to do so, how they translate what they see into their lives, and how they critically interpret the content.

One of the reasons this researcher tries to include the messages in their dialogical format iss to present the interactions that occur at the message board close to their context. Throughout the research the importance of the context in understanding the audience, their reactions and decoding of the television message is emphasized (Hall, 1980; Morley 1980, Blumler & Katz, 1974, Yoder, Horner, & Chirva, 1996). The analysis of posted messages in and of itself has its value but the provision of the context in which the communication occurred provides for a more comprehensive examination. The message writers however, are not a representation of the telenovela’s viewers. As mentioned before, the posters are fans of the telenovela, even when they criticize it; they make sure that they clarify their love for the novela.

In this dialogue the discussion is generated by the representation of the Muslim culture and Morocco in the novela, but it also extrapolats to representations of Muslim in the news and television and then reports of personal encounters with people that has their own interpretation of the religion and culture, maybe also influenced by the telenovela or by television. “Are you saying the misconceptions are in real life or in this novela?” This poster understands that the novela represents people as people, some are good, and some are bad but thinks that the content of the novela is fair to the representation of the Muslim culture. The following message denotes cognitive but also critical involvement with the representation of the telenovela’s theme. For this poster, the telenovela needs to do more than just portray Muslims in a better light. Throughout the dialogue, referential involvement is also demonstrated, with numerous references to the writers’ own experience or disclosure of their background. The complaint about showing Morocco in a different light than it really is echoes the criticism of the Moroccan ambassador to Brazil. “for a lot of people who have never been to Morocco or ever been exposed to Moroccan culture, this is Moroccan culture to them.” The forum participants have the additional resource of the discussion for clarifications and debate about the cultural theme portrayed by the novela. According to Singhal & Rogers (1988) an “entertainment-education strategy is much more effective in creating knowledge of an issue than changing the behavior regarding this issue” (p.141). The telenovela in this case is the catalyst for the discussion, even though after 9/11 the subject of Muslim culture has been more widely incorporated in the media, the novela provides the viewers with the opportunity to engage in the discussion, at least for the forum viewers.




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