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The messages reflect the posters views and values and also their backgrounds. As previously discussed, forum participants come from different countries and origins, propitiating a multicultural dialogue. According to Prabhu (2001), “multiculticuturalism implies a fundamentally democratic spirit, the ability and willingness to engage with others in dialogue to find common ground. This by no means precludes criticism.” (p.32)

The messages regarding poster’s views of the portrayal of Morocco and Muslim culture by the telenovela gives space to the exchange of different opinions and criticisms. While the poster makes sure that her status as a fan is clear, “don’t get me wrong, I love the novela’, this position does not deter her criticism of the novela’s portrayal of Morocco and Muslim culture that might be misunderstood by some people. Continuing the dialogue, another poster expresses her notion of oppression: “It has been my observation that, in most cultures, wealthy women are free women. The farther away you get from wealth and/or cities, the greater the chance you have of seeing suppression in countries around the world.” The discussion’s ability to generate involvement in the form of message participation is also demonstrated when one of the posters indicated: “Wow you guys I wasn't going to participate in this discussion just read all your comments but after finishing I have to say that I see all of you have really good points.” Even thought the poster does not intend to actively participate in the discussion, the debate is able to stimulate an active response.

The messages analyze for this research present many observations and questions associated with the novela cultural thematic. Polygamy, virginity, Muslim’s wedding night, woman’s rights, honor killings, these are all themes covered by the novela and present in the messages. Also present are topics such as belly dancing, woman’s make up and clothes, headscarf, and jewelry. Some posts that reflect cognitive interaction are exemplified as follow:

Thank you V
I really enjoy knowing, learning and appreciating other cultures. I started to listen to Arabic Music back in early 90's, because of a friend. Thanks to this novela and forum and I've been able to re-introduce myself to this beautiful and enchanting music. Now my collection includes......Amr Diab, Tarkan, Natasha Attlas, Tony Mouzayek........................ and I'm still listening..................

Re: hahahahahha t/n
What people are failing to realize about the veil thing, is that in their world there is no other option, a woman who throws down her veil is a disgrace, b/c in their customs a veil is a beautiful thing, a thing to be admired. The way some people are jsut saying, she should say no is not realistic.

This is just an illustration of the many subjects touched by the sample messages that are analyzed and categorized as reflecting cognitive parasocial interaction.





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