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The example below also reflects behavior interaction in the sense of overtly interaction with the character, as the writer discloses that the character Nazira makes her laugh.

So I’m guessing Nazira…
So I'm guessing Nazira is definitely not shown as a good example of a muslim woman, but I have to say she makes me laugh a whole lot.

Another message has an article posted in Portuguese about a meeting by the Arab first ladies to discuss women’s issues.

Muslim First-Ladies meeting
Sexta, 1 de novembro de 2002, 10h11
Primeiras-damas árabes se reúnem para tratar da situação da mulher. http://noticias.terra.com.br/mundo/interna/0,5502,OI65933- EI294,00.html

The article is not included in this example but is posted in the message in its totality. It clarifies that the meeting will discuss the challenges faced by women from the Middle East. In posting this article, the writer demonstrates reflection and action, in an attempt to raise consciousness about the situation of the women in the Arab world. It is also possible to see that the poster is able to transcend the themes brought by the telenovela universe to the real world. In a response to this article the message states “it would be really nice if more first ladies were to join in this meeting. We also need the support of all the leaders in the world.” The poster is not from that part of the world, therefore, the reference to we need support, means we collective, as women, all need support for our causes. The critical conclusion that it is necessary to mobilize political power to bring change reflects the poster’s involvement with the telenovela educational theme expressed by her ability to transcend the women issues in the novela to the women issues in the world. The message also reflects that the writer goes further to the point of being able to see that the problems also relate to her universe.

The messages and interactions that follow the previous posts and are displayed in the next sequence of examples, reflect behavioral interaction in the form of participants’ conscientization, their belief that they could do something to change the situation that is presented, translating the behavior into empowerment, self-efficacy and collective efficacy, therefore praxis:

Want to try and save a Muslim woman’s life?

I heard about a Muslim woman, Amina Lawal, from Nigeria, who is to be stoned to death for having had a baby out of wedlock. As soon as her baby is old enough to stop nursing, she'll be killed. She's to be buried in sand up to her neck...leaving only her head exposed...then she'll be battered with stones. This could take hours. When I first heard the story, it left me chilled. Then yesterday, someone sent me an e-mail, that Oprah did her show on this topic, and offered an address on her website, where people can petition the Nigerian ambassador to try and stop this barbaric plan. Anyone who's interested can read more about it on www.oprah.com

Oh my God and I though this was only in
Novela Land. I guess it never stops to amaze me how bad some countries have it and/or how good we have it.
I say we right to the Nigerian Consulate to save this poor women.

Oh God that's horrible!
Thank You for the info K

Thank you. Yes, the same thing happen
a couple of months ago with another woman and I wrote an email to the Nigerian Ambassador, I think that because of the letters she was saved. I can't believe people are so barbaric (sp?) nowadays. I mean I know that we do horrible things to eachother all the time, but this? Do these people even have feelings? I really think is time for people to stop using religious beliefs to oppress others or better yet people need to adjust their beliefs and get rid of those beliefs that only serve to destroy . . . . I am sorry but I have come to the conclusion that organized religion is the reason behind all our animosity and unwillingness to live in peace.

“religion is why we have been fighting wars since the begining of time. remember that john lennon said in his song imagine, to imagine no religion to live in peace, among other things of course, but i also believe that religion started it all.”

You can count me in
All done. Thanks for that information. I got goose bumps all over I feel for all these women. God bless them all.

i heard about this months ago and even thought that she had already been stoned to death....i also thought that something should be done. when is it going to stop? why dont they let women choose their own religion? it not only makes me feel mad, but also tied....im afraid we're just going to witness this stoning without being able to save this poor woman....it's sad. imagine how many things are being done to women all aver the world and we cant do anything for them.....how depressing.
i'll sign the petition anyway. thanx K.

Here’s the Oprah Show link

Please e-mail this link to all the people in your e-mail address book.

Thanks K for posting this message in the Forum. A couple of years ago I also sent a petition to the UNO requesting help for the women under the Taliban regime. We know the rest of the story but there's still far more work to do everywhere. We just need to spread the word and help each other because any crime against a man/woman is a crime against all of us. By lending a hand we can also help ourselves.

K and O
K thanks for bringing up this issue.....a letter was mailed under my name. And O, thanks for posting the link. I hope that these atrocities stop once and for all.....It's so barbaric......PLEASE EVERYONE SEND A LETTER TO SAVE THIS HUMAN BEING.........

I signed the petition about a month ago
Thanks for bringing it to the forum for attention.

In this interaction, the messages convey that the forum participants become Subjects in the struggle to save the woman’s life. They believe that they can exercise some control over an event that indirectly affect their lives, demonstrating self-efficacy. That belief is extended to the collective, when calls for letters to the Nigeria consulate and requests for the petition’s signing, reflect the notion that they believe collective effort will bring change, therefore demonstrating collective-efficacy. The precursor of this movement in the forum is the cognitive understanding of the situation, the conscientization of the problem and the awareness that the participants, collectively and individually can influence the outcome of the situation. In this example, we can see that the participants left the position of oppressed to become Subjects. According to Freire (1970) through the critical recognition of reality, allied with reflection and action, the oppressed cease to be objects to become Subjects, able to transform reality and liberating themselves from oppression.



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