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Research question #5

How did forum participants express critical involvement, report opposing views, or agree upon the cultural thematic presented by the telenovela “El Clon”?

The content analysis of the sample messages shows that the posts many times combine the different sub-dimensions of parasocial interaction. With the understanding that the messages display layers of sub-dimensions, the messages are coded as demonstrating a strong critical involvement when their content suggest different plots or engage in the artistic construction of the novela. It is also considered critical involvement when the messages suggest different approaches; offer corrections and disagreements or concordance to the telenovela’s portrayal of Muslim culture. The qualitative content analysis of the 310 sample messages categorizes 14 % (40) of the messages as strongly displaying critical involvement.

In trying to respond to how the posters demonstrated critical involvement with the characters and the theme, the following examples will be illustrating the whole gamut of the critical thinking displayed by the posts, corresponding to the criteria used for the message analysis and classification.
The following examples voice criticisms of the author’s portrayal of family life in the Ali’s household, while some messages justify Gloria Perez use of belly dancing and Ali’s constant recital of verses from the Koran.

Do you think people of the Muslin faith
feel offended by some of things that are shown about the life style. Last night it appeared that the people at Tio Ali's spent all their time playing music,singing and Latifa dancing through her pregnancy. I know it is a wonderfuly happy occasion for the couple and their family but I think this is strictly from Gloria Perez imagination. Beautiful but unreal.

Re:Do you think people of the Muslin faith

I don't know about the Muslin people, but that was a little too much for me. Pregnant woman don't dance all the time, not even a few time. What they are is uncorfortable, tired and heavy. I found myself wondering what was the point? We all know she was happy but to be dancing most of the time??

I think it was done so as to find a good
technical way to showed that time had passed. It is a transition shot, the same was done when Leo came running to Albieri on the beach. A beautiful transition shot. besides Latifah is wealthy so I am not surprise she does nothing at home with some many maids who would?

Re: Muslims have Shown
Dislike to the way this ovela has portray them. They caim that Gloria Perez has exagerated a bit.

It is different in each country,and it is only>
a novela.regarding Latifa's dance,well it may be a little too much,but it reflects her joy in being pregnant,
in some muslim households the women are pampered,specially when they are rich and pregnant, they don't have anything else to do, specially in 30 or 40 years ago.
but i think now it's different.but i can't be sure about that.as i said each country is diferent.

Yeah, I’ve wondered about this too
All this belly dancing is becoming a bit gratuitious. I don't think they are always quoting the Koran either

Koran plays important role
From my experience (mostly reading), it is true that the Koran plays as important role in the life of most practicing Muslims as does the Bible for many practicing Christians. I know many people who regularly quote the Bible in daily life -- and not necessarily the clergy!

Memorization of the Koran chapter and verse is important, generally more so for the Muslim male, but knowing the word of Allah is an essential part of practicing and living the faith.

And I'd have to concur that while a pregnant woman would perhaps not be so light on her feet at say 6 or 7 months pregnant, the dancing is a lovely way to show that Latifa is a pampered and beloved woman in a state that is especially revered (she's the potential mother of the first born son) in the culture (heck, in most cultures!), as well as someone who still inspires passion in her husband's eyes. Her seductive dance suggests too that she holds him in her thrall and he's a willing captive. And, unlike Western women who feel less sexually desirable as they increase in size because of our cultural preference for slim shapes, many cultures feel much more positively about the more rounded, shall we say, figure because it implies prosperity.
If you look at it from this perspective I don't find anything negative in the portrayal at all.

Re:Do you think people of the Muslin faith
I feel that this novela has over exaggerated! I'm a muslim women and in our religion we don't go around dancing all day long and playing music besides to much music and dancing is haram (forbidden) and the way they celebrate with belly dancers dancing around all the men this is haram also so who ever came up with this novela doesn't know much about islam because they try to make Ali to be such a holly man and he has all this stuff going around in his home. In Islam no women should be dancing around men that are not her immediate family members or like they showed last night episode where nazida didn't cover her hair in front of Ali also in islam this is haram a women must wear her veil in front of men she can marry. :)



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