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Re:: Why women convert to Islam
Author: (---)
Date: 08-20-04 15:04 PDT

These men! THEY are the only ones who could divorce the women and the women have to stay married to them even if they don't want to and THEY are the only ones that can remarry them if they so choose? what if they don't want to remarry them?

Re: how can muslim women stand it!!

Author: (---)
Date: 08-22-04 18:52 PDT

Wow. good question. The thing is female converts to Islam find LIBERATION in the religion, they don't see it as jumping into a religion w/ restrictions. half of the restrictions you see in El Clon by the way is NOT Islam at all. Like the traveling thing doesn't have anything to do w/ Islam.
And there are many female converts, not just a handful.

I'm not a convert, so I can't explain it to you that thoroughly.

BUT Here's an article that a convert wrote: Read it.

When I Covered My Head I Opened My Mind

(by Shariffa Carlo)

As a non-Muslim living in Western society, the idea of modesty was not exactly foremost in my mind. Like all other women of my generation and mind-set, I thought such ideas were antiquated and excessive. I felt pity for the poor Muslim woman who had to "wear all that junk," or "walk around in bed - sheets" as I used to call it

I was a modern woman, educated and liberated. Little did I know the awful truth. I was more oppressed than any Muslim woman in the most culturally oppressive village in the Muslim world. I was oppressed not by an inability to choose my clothing or to choose my life-style, I was oppressed by an inability to see my society for what it really was. I was oppressed by the idea that a woman's beauty was public, and that lustful admiration was equal to respect.

It was when Allah guided me to Islam, and I put on the hijab, that I was finally able to step out of the society in which I lived and see it for what it really is. I could see how the highest paid women were those who exposed themselves to public display, like actresses, models and even strip-tease dancers. I was able to see that the relationship between men and women was unfairly stacked in the man's direction. I knew I used o dress to attract men. I tried to fool myself by saying I did it to please myself, but the painful reality was that what pleased me was when I was admired by a man I considered attractive.

I now know that there is no way for a person to know that he is dirty if he has never been clean. Similarly, I was not able to see that I was oppressed until I stepped out of the darkness of this oppressive society into the light of Islam. With that light shined on the truth, I was finally able to see the shadows that had been so obscured by my Western philosophies. It is not oppression to protect yourself and society; it is oppression to voluntarily throw yourself into the quagmire while denying it is dirty.

I am grateful to Allah that He allowed me to recognize that when I covered my head, I was taking away from people any means for judging me other than my mind, my soul and my heart. When I covered my head, I took away the incentive for exploitation based on beauty. When I covered my head, I made people respect me because they saw that I respected myself, and when I covered my head, I finally opened my mind to the truth.

..thank you for the article

Author: (---)
Date: 08-23-04 06:31 PDT

That's certainly another aspect and definitely filled with truths..western society's emphasis on the physical beauty is getting so out of hand and leading to anorexia nervosa and an overabundance of diet books and of plastic surgeries...

That statement "I was able to see that the relationship between men and women was unfairly stacked in the man's direction." was interesting...because if I had seen that out of context I would associate that with the Muslim world and not the western one of today!

And..it's true that it's quite difficult for us to differentiate between the rules governed by culture and custom and those governed by the Koran but that's why I love forums like these...people are generous enough and patient enough to explain when they're able and I love gathering bits of knowledge about an unknown subject....

Re: ..your welcome

Author: (---)
Date: 08-23-04 21:04 PDT

These converts actually teach me a thing or two also, because before I didn't think like that either...



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