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Author: (---)
Date: 08-23-04 19:39 PDT

That makes so much sense! As Mother to daughters, now out in the dating world it really makes sense. Its so true that our girls dress to attract boys. It has gotten out of hand, not just the lengths Westerners, specifically in the U.S. will go to obtain beauty, but the behavior of girls towards boy. Too, too often they do not develop real relationships before giving their bodies away. They try to keep boys and men through sex. Men don't learn that lasting relationships require committment and work.

Re: how can muslim women stand it!!

Author: (---)
Date: 08-20-04 21:36 PDT

The question is not how they stand it, it's really why they stand it, because they don't have to at all. But this is a soap, so you know everything is scripted so they're not gonna have Jade say no at the ceremony, but she could. And if she did, there would really be nothing they could do about it.

If Islam is like what you're saying, and if I had to stand all that, I wouldn't be a Muslim woman. trust me on that. The men aren't the only ones that can divorce, and a woman does not have to stay married or remarry if she doesn't want to.

A lot of that stuff is Arab and Middle Eastern culture before Islam. Arab culture mistreats women a lot and Islam corrected all that stuff, but Islam and the Quran is disregarded a lot and people stick w/ the culture. And they even play w/ the Quran w/ this marrying Zein for a day thingie. Arab Christians are the same way, like they are very strict, etc... I've even met some Arab Christian families that were a lot worse than some Muslim families in respect to women. It's not the religion, it's the culture. So actually another good question would be ,"How do Arab women stand it?" Ya that's the question we're looking for.

Re: how can muslim women stand it!!

Author: (---)
Date: 08-21-04 09:19 PDT

From the most of the names listed, it seems that the women are the ones who are commenting on this, whereas the men watching and reading all this are silent. Could it be because ALL the men would secretly love to rule the roost in this way and by not posting their disgust with the treatment of women, they are secretly agreeing with it?

Re: how can muslim women stand it!!

Author: (---)
Date: 08-26-04 14:23 PDT

the problem i have understanding about Arab culture (I've learned not to apply all of Islam to this) is this crap about dishonoring the family, aka honor killings. I was reading a July issue in Time magazine and it was talking about that. There was a girl who had been raped and because she wasn't a virgin anymore her parents had her brother kill her. And then a 17 year old kid killed his mother and half brother because he SUSPECTED they were having an affair. This is taking place a lot more now in Iraq ever since the war because there really isn't any stability, plus a lot of judges will just fell for the members of the family and let the murderers go. But there are a few safe house for raped women to go but they can never go back to their families. Another thing that's bothering is all this stuff that's going on in Sudan, these Arab Muslims killing both Christians AND black Muslims. It's terrible. Of course, that's what happened during the Crusades, too. Anyway, I honestly wouldn't convert to Islam myself, I appreciate their modesty and the way the children are raised, but in some cultures it's very intense

Re: how can muslim women stand it!!

Author: (---)
Date: 08-26-04 14:51 PDT

Jordan has a serious problem with honor killings, but the king and queen are fighting that pretty hard.



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