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thanks guys, dont get me wrong.....

Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 15:54 PDT

i love the novela. and it is true that they portray muslims much better than any other show. i do love that about the novela. i am moroccan and when i watch the show i see alot of things that arent remotely having to do with moroccan culture. i know that it is a fictional story but for alot of people who have never been to morocco or ever been exposed to moroccan culture, this is moroccan culture to them. when i watch a movie or show about a foreign country that i dont know alot about i assume that the country is like its portrayed in the movie. i just thought id tell people how moroccan culture really is. i appreciate all your opinions on what i said. once again i wasnt being offensive or anything, el clone is my favorite show on tv :-)

I'm glad,by the way>>

Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 16:43 PDT

you were not offensive to anyone..you sounded offended.
Moracco is the best location for this beautiful love-story.take pride in the fact that they have shoosen your COUNTRY-:)

Re: I'm glad,by the way>>

Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 16:47 PDT

i do very much! :-D im really happy they picked morocco. are u moroccan too?

Re: I'm glad,by the way>>

Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 18:39 PDT

It seems to me that quite a long time ago you said that you were born and raised here in America. That makes you an American of Moroccan descent, not a Moroccan.

I am an American of Irish descent. I am not an Irishwoman by any stretch of the imagination.

I was born and raised in New York. I was partly raised in Pennsylvania but that does not make me a Pennsylvanian. I am a New Yorker, pure and simple.

Please correct me if my memory does not serve. Thanks. :)

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: --)
Date: 07-03-04 18:07 PDT

I'm Moroccan. And i do HATE the way they portray the culture and everything sometimes, but I get over it. The people on this phorum are intelligent, but numerous people have asked me silly questions about Morocco because they believe the novela word for word and then I get pissed, because I feel like they're misinforming. And they are. But whatever, everyone does it anyway. I got over it. And they do show positive stuff too, so.
And they did it all for the sake of the story. Because if they say that Said has to have Khadija, then that's a good storyline. If they portrayed it for real, then there goes the whole Jade/Khadija story. They do that in all movies.

But it's just anoying because people who were feeling animosity towards muslims cuz of 9/11 anyway, got to go around screaming: "muslim women can't take their kids after divorce!"



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