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Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 18:47 PDT

Funny, I haven't heard anyone going around "screaming" that Muslim women can't take their kids after divorce.

You're making assumptions about other people, …, that may be at the core of your problem with defensiveness and over-sensitivity to the "stupid" questions that people ask in their desire to learn.

In fact, no question is stupid. Questions show that people want to learn. Questions show that people want to clear up their own confusion or misconceptions. Questions show that people are NOT making assumptions or swallowing everything they hear or see.

Think about it.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 18:53 PDT

good point ---. i really appreciate when people ask me things about morocco and islam. and infact if u or anyone else ever had a question, feel free to ask no matter how small or anything.


Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 19:15 PDT

…, I'm not talking about people who want to learn, and ask curious questions. I'm talking about the people who had this novela raise their ignorance even more. And I've run into a lot of people like that. Quite a few. And that upsets me, it really does. It doesn't bother me if someone asks me a sincere question, I don't like attacking islam questions because they now think they are islamic experts because they've seen el clon. Once I was at my Brazilian's friend's house being attacked. It was horrific. I was so angry.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 18:51 PDT

ur really speaking my mind ---. thank u for that. yes the novela is really good and they portray muslims positively overall, but u know u cant blame us for feeling like we need to defend everything we can about islam and our culture because it is true that now a days people think "o muslim women are opressed" and this and that. when i watch on el clon how the women are forced to cover and how women cant keep their children and theyre just married off and all the men go around having many wives like its something normal, i get mad. i feel like i need to inform people how islam really is and how life really is in morocco. i feel like islam is so misunderstood and i jump on edge everytime i see something thats not true on tv or the news and stuff. cant blame me :-/.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-03-04 20:13 PDT

---, here you are pretending to be two people and you're saying discordant things to a forum full of people who have EMBRACED Islamic and Moroccan culture with love and understanding.

You're like the Catholic priests who used to tell people IN CHURCH that they would go to hell if they didn't go to church! That misplaced haranguing is called "preaching to the choir." Those priests should have gotten their rear ends outside of church grounds and looked for the Catholics who never went to church to threaten them with hell. Yes? In fact, this reminds me that, years ago, one of our parish priests was doing that preaching so much that he got a LOT of complaints from parishoners who were mad as the devil at him. So, one Sunday he "apologized" by telling the attendants at Mass how good they were. Of course, he was being facetious and snotty through the whole sermon--because he was a facetious and snotty man--but he was given hell for that, too, so he finally cleaned up his act and started treating people with the respect they deserved. He had to learn that he was an imperfect human being no better than anyone else.

---/--- you sound to me like you are very young. Well, I am getting very old. And I can tell you that NO CULTURE, NO PEOPLE, NO RELIGION IS PERFECT. Women all over the world are suppressed--dare I say it--even in some of the Muslim cultures that you try to convince yourself are perfect. Only God is perfect.

Look at Queen Noor of Jordan. A wealthy woman of great influence. She has more freedom than all of us put together. AND, she makes no bones about the fact that the supression of women in Jordan, particularly with regard to "honor killings," is a terrible problem that she and her husband the king are striving to overcome. (I like him and her very much. Loved his father, too.) I have to love and respect her for that honesty and courage because such honesty is the only thing that will ever put an end to such crimes against girls and women. Denying the problem exists would not achieve that.

The great prophet, Jesus, cautioned his followers not to try to take the speck out of a friend's eye until they had removed the blinding beams in their own. Every time you say that you're "pissed off," or "annoyed" or "so angry" over people's questions or misconceptions, you're insulting the very people who are making an honest effort to learn and understand. Americans, by the way, who were greviously wounded by the horrendous deaths and injuries of 9/11. And, yet, in spite of that disgraceful crime by Muslims, we tolerant and open-hearted Americans are still willing to learn, to understand, to embrace Islamic culture. You don't want to be insulting to the very people who are trying to be friendly to you.

The hardest thing in the world is to learn to be honest with yourself. I think you're old enough and smart enough to start examining your own thought processes. I've said many times that you've done a lot of good when you answer questions that people ask. BUT, you're so blinded by your own prejudices and lack of experience that you turn around and undo that good in spades with your negative remarks which are the product of your negative thinking. Be honest with yourself. Moroccan culture and Muslim culture may be wonderful, but they're no more perfect than any others. It has been my observation that, in most cultures, wealthy women are free women. The farther away you get from wealth and/or cities, the greater the chance you have of seeing supression in countries around the world.

There are Muslim women on this forum who I've come to dearly love as special friends. It never would have happened without El Clon, and this forum, and their gracious answers to our many questions. Not one of them ever got "pissed off" or "so angry" or "annoyed" at any of us.

I have been fond of you, and just wish you would stop that.



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