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Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-04-04 07:11 PDT

As I am understanding these discussions, we have cleared up that the setting of Marruecos has become a composite of all the area countries; thus, taking a woman's passport from her upon arrival on the soil, renouncing her three times, and not allowing her to take the children in the case of a divorce, and the gilded cage scenario in general would not be practised in Morocco--at least not ordinarily--is that correct? Remember about 10 years ago when political correctness reached its height and it was impossible to label a villain from any country in the movies such that he had to come from Finland? Might I presume that this was the case with Marruecos?

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-04-04 10:29 PDT

yes things are different in morocco. a woman's passport is not taken from her when she arrives, she is allowed to call for a divorce, she doesnt have to wait for the man to do it, and she is allowed to take the children in a divorce i think. also rules have changed with the arrival of the new king and things are much better for women now, im not sure what the new rules are but i know that a woman can't get married before 18 now. so yes i think u summed it up perfectly, morocco is a melting pot for many arab cultures in this novela.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-04-04 17:15 PDT

My family is a little ticked off about the 18 years old thing. Because a family member of mine wants to marry this girl that's 17... go figure, it's not like he has to wait that long. I think she just needs special permission though.
The kid is usually given to the mother after divorce in Morooco. It's like in America though, the kid decides, it could go either way. If the kid is young to decide, then that means it has to stay with mommy.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-05-04 15:23 PDT

Wow you guys I wasn't going to participate in this discussion just read all your comments but after finishing I have to say that I see all of you have really good points. I really appreciate our Muslim foristas clearing up misconceptions or giving us your opinion on how your religion is being portrayed on this novela. I'm glad we have you guys here to answer our questions. I also have to say that I'm impressed with how we argue about disagreements with class and no insults like on other forums.

Re: some more misconceptions to clear up

Author: (---)
Date: 07-05-04 18:28 PDT

i agree, i really love this forum because i feel i can state my mind and no ones going to attack me. we can discuss our views and everyone respects each other. i really like that. i love answering peoples questions too, about my faith and religion or anything.

Why can't the world be like our forum?

Author: (---)
Date: 07-06-04 09:44 PDT

What a lovely, intelligent group we are! I still love how Tio Ali and Abu fight and then hug up. And Tio Ali and Albieri. Tio Ali is super.



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