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some questions - bodyguard & Muslim customs

Author: (---)
Date: 06-14-04 14:56 PDT

I miss some episodes once in a while and I was wondering why Mel needs a bodyguard. Did something happen?

Also, after watching the scene where Jade was applying eyemakeup and lipstick, it got me wondering if Muslim ladies are allowed to wear such exotic looking makeup.

Jade looked beautiful in her hotpink veil today. Can they really wear such bold colors? It seems a contradiction to me. Maybe that's Jades little way of rebelling?

One more question: In real life, is belly dancing common at parties and family gatherings

Re: some questions - bodyguard & Muslim customs

Author: ---)
Date: 06-15-04 06:29 PDT

No specific event led to Mel's family deciding she needed a bodyguard, just a desire for greater security. Kidnappings of the wealthy (or even the perceived wealthy) for ransom is apparently a common crime in Latin America. Mexican actress Laura Zapata and one of her sisters (both of them sisters of actress-singer Thalía), were kidnapped for ransom I think last year or the year before. Since Mel is the granddaughter and daugther of two prominent and very wealthy businessmen, her family felt that she might be at risk. I think it would have been better if the writer had had the Ferraz family find out about some other kidnapping and make that the cause for worry, rather than just deciding out of the blue that Mel needed a bodyguard. There is a reason, though, that the writer needs to get Xande into this part of the picture. If you have not yet seen the novela, you will soon find out what the reason is.

As for the exotic makeup and brightly-colored veils, I recall reading somewhere that Muslim women are not allowed to wear makeup, but I do not know how accurate that is. I suppose it varies from country to country, and from family to family. Certain families are stricter than others. A lot depends on what your husband or father will allow you to do. Pay attention the next time there is a "party scene" in the novela. Notice that Jade will be the only woman in the room not wearing a veil, and sometimes wears outfits that are rather revealing, even in mixed company, while all the other women are fully covered. We suspect that this is because whoever designed the scene wanted to draw attention to Jade as the main character. On the forum (or was it the last forum?), we've decided to explain this anomaly by pointing out that Said is a less strict husband than, say, Mohammed. He doesn't mind so much that his wife be unveiled, as long as she is indoors and the men who see her are relatives or trusted friends of himself or his host.

Also to remember when observing the dress of the characters: these characters are from wealthy families. Ordinary women in any part of the world, not just Morocco, would not wear the beautiful embroidered silks and expensive jewelry on a daily basis the way the novela characters do.

I have read that in real life, bellydancing, or rather "Middle Eastern" style of dance (it has various names), is what regular people, hosts and guests, dance at the parties, the way that people in the West might dance a waltz or any other dance . As for hiring a professional dancer to entertain, I hear that it is most common at weddings (again, whether or not there is a dancer and how covered-up she is depends on the strictness of the particular area). In the novela, however, there seems to be at least one hired dancer at every family get-together. How common this is in real life, though, we'd have to get one of the forum members who's lived in North Africa or the Middle East to tell us.

there is so much misconceptions.regarding..

Author (---)
Date: 06-15-04 10:53 PDT

Muslim women...
they use make-up..they use revealing dresses..they drink..they dance..they wear bikini's..
everything depends on the COUNTRY,,FAMILY AND TRADITION..
it's the same in any Country..not all the Christians are the same..they are quakers.sp?
Amish..that are very conservative,
we won't see an amish woman dressed in a revealing cloths do we?
what jade wears and her make-up is nothing unusual...even her use of the jewelery is very common practice.some women are decked in them from head to toe..even if they are using hegab.
got to go..
if you have more questions,please feel free to ask.

Re: there is so much misconceptions.regarding..

Author: (---)
Date: 06-15-04 12:35 PDT

--- and --- - Thank you very much for your help. The tone of my post may have sounded judgmental but I was only confused. I really appreciate your insights and knowledge! I understand so much more now.
Thanks again,



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