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Re: there is so much misconceptions.regarding..

Author: (---)
Date: 06-15-04 14:42 PDT

That's one thing I love about this forum--the patience and generosity of the women here who know about these things and can teach us so much. I love it!

No ..you were not judgemental..

Author: (---)
Date: 06-15-04 14:55 PDT

I was in a hurry.maybe I sounded a little hurried lol...

A husband's permission to

Author: (---)
Date: 05-20-04 05:46 PDT

leave the country???? Just curious as to why Jade would need Said's permission to get on a plane and leave the country.....is this a Moroccan law????

Re: you are welcome..I didn't go into...

Author: (---)
Date: 05-21-04 05:53 PDT

Hmm, i must've missed this topic since i missed the beginning of the original broadcast. So how would the airport authorities know if a muslim woman is wearing western style clothing?? Would the religion would be noted in the passport?? Of course, if it is muslim law, it must be obeyed, but i think it's somewhat cruel and demeaning to a woman. What if a woman were in a very abusive marriage?? Thanks, ---

Not so many years ago . . .

Author: (---)
Date: 05-21-04 06:32 PDT

There were laws right here in the good ol' USA that weren't much different. I had a friend whose grandmother, aunt, and uncle all had a big farm in Minnesota. When the uncle died, the two women discovered that they could not inherit the farm, because in Minnesota at that time (the early 80's, I believe), women could not own farmland. And until the early 20th century, wives were "chattel" under English Common Law (which is the basis of the US system, too), which meant they were counted as possessions.

And if you read writers like Edith Wharton, you'll see that societal norms also worked to keep women dependent on their husbands. So we really aren't that much more "advanced" socially

Edit Wharton and Muslim law.. .

Author: (---)
Date: 05-21-04 08:44 PDT

I read two of M. Wharton's books..the THE AGE OF INNOCENSE is one of my favorite movies..
M Wharton heroine's do struggle for independence..
now shell-bell..I will tell you how it works
you need a wriiten document from your husband,
my sister lives in US..
a few years back she went to Iran for a visit..when it was time for her return, we heard that she couldn't leave the country ..BECAUSE..she didn't have her husband's written permission.
her husband lives here in Us ,and we all had but forgotten about this stupid law.
somy brither-in-law had to send his passport and his permission to W-DC ,,because of the non excisting relationship between US & Iran..they didn't have a consulate, so the Algerian Consulate used to do all the necessary arrangments.
now if you are divorced or a widow..you have to show them proof.
it is a hassle..that's what it is.

Divorced, widowed, how about single?

Author: (---)
Date: 05-21-04 10:01 PDT


So a divorced or widowed woman can travel of her own will as long as she has documents to prove her status? What about a woman or girl who has never been married? Does she need the permission of her father? Wouldn't a divorced woman, one who has been "devuelta," i.e. returned to her family, need her father's permission to travel?

I was under the impression that in the countries where the rules are stricter, a woman always had to have a male relative as her guardian, be it her father, uncle, husband, brother, or son, so I did not think that even divorced or widowed women could travel freely. Am I wrong?

Re: Divorced, widowed, how about single?

Author: (---)
Date: 05-21-04 10:28 PDT

the rules has changed..Iran wasn't one of those strict countries when I used to live there.but still you needed your guradian.husband's permission to travel..we used to have A "permanent " one for travels.
yes a girl under age needs the father's written permission.
but a divorced woman had to show the right document. no need for a guardian. as much as I remember.
as I said I don't know much about the laws and rules right now...but I know that they are more strict.

Re: Edit Wharton and Muslim law.. .

Author: l (---)
Date: 05-21-04 12:20 PDT

What a hassle is right...... your poor sister had to go thru all that just to come back to the U.S. I appreciate all your valuable info and explaining this to me. Somehow it still doesn't seem fair that a woman should have to be subjected to this, but if it is a law, then one must obey or pay the consequences. All this is so interesting and informative. Thanks so much for all you bring to this forum!



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