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you are welcome ---.some of us..

Author: (---)
Date: 05-21-04 13:41 PDT

are in this unique position to shed some lights on the ,El clon's story lines regarding the Muslim laws.and make it more understandable..

Re: Not so many years ago . . .

Author: (---)
Date: 05-21-04 12:27 PDT

Really interesting, ---. I guess women have come a long way, but maybe not far enough. I'm glad i didn't live in those earlier times...i don't think i would've been happy in that type of environment.......knowing my personality, most likely i would've joined the suffragette movement in my neighborhood....lol!! Thanks for your comments.

Re: Not so many years ago . . .

Author: (---)
Date: 05-21-04 17:23 PDT

Hi, ----.

Actually, the suppression doesn't even go that far back as the suffragettes. There were plenty of things that my generation was "not allowed to do" or places we couldn't go, and I remember meeting an older woman once, a highly respected and well-known book editor, who was not allowed into the Princeton Club in New York City for a professional awards dinner because she was a woman. She said it was the most humiliating experience of her life to be turned away at that door. If I'm not mistaken, it was only in the 1980's that the Princeton Club was forced to open its doors to women guests.

Re: Not so many years ago . . .

Author: (---)
Date: 05-24-04 06:11 PDT

----, the whole topic of "Equal Rights" is such a pet peeve of mine. I get so upset when hearing about inequality regarding gender, race, religion, or whatever. I know we have come a long way since our ancestors had to struggle with such issues, but you would think in the 20th and now 21st centuries that we would be so much more ahead, but I guess not. What really depresses me is reading about the places in the world that are still where we were many years ago. Thanks for your input.

Re: A husband's permission to

Author: (---)
Date: 05-22-04 17:01 PDT

I don't believe that's a Muslim Law. It;s not actually. It's the laws made up buy the Middle Eastern machos. That has nothing do with our actual religion. But laws like that are made to suppress women...(sigh)

The real hero

Author: (---)
Date: 04-26-04 10:33 PDT

As a first time watcher of this novela, there's something I've been asking myself: am I missing something in Lucas? I know this is not your traditional soap opera (thank God!), if it was I wouldn't be watching, but does our hero have to be such a weakling? I tried to be lenient in my judgement of him right after Diogo's death. I know he was disoriented and out of sorts when Jade came to Brazil. But for heaven's sake, the girl made everything possible for them to be together. She was the one who was on 24/7 watch at Latifah's house, and still managed to sneak out several times to use the phone, go Yvete's house and arrange for them to stay there. All he had to do was show up!!! Of course, we all know how that turned out.

Now Said, on the other had, I'm liking more and more. He had to have his suspicions regarding Jade's virginity (or lack there of). When he asked his uncle about the punishment for the man who dishonored a woman, you could see how he quickly discarded the idea of having Lucas punished when he found out that Jade would be punished as well. As I saw him cut his own arm and tell Jade that his own sin was even bigger than hers, I found myself almost screaming at Jade through the tv. How can you not see how incredible this man is? Heck, I fell in love with Said!

Am I alone in this?



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