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Re: The real hero

Author: (---)
Date: 04-27-04 06:24 PDT

I really admired what Said did to save Jade. I also felt bad for him at his wedding. Jade was really unhappy. I loved her acting job so much that I sort of despised her for it. Why not fake a little bit of happiness for Said's sake. It's his wedding too. But I'm sure they are used to have unhappy brides since these things are pre-arranged.

Re: The real hero

Author: (---)
Date: 04-27-04 11:56 PDT

I always thought Said was a hottie, and Lucas a dud. I also never liked Jade much. Sure, she's a beauty to look at, and her clothes and belly-dancing were worth admiring... but she treated Said so coldly. She'd always look at him with that defiant frozen face. He did everything he could to win her over, but she'd hardly crack a smile at the poor man. No wonder he turns harsher towards her later on. But Said is "THE MAN" as far as I'm concerned.


Author: (---)
Date: 04-27-04 16:54 PDT

It looks like writer Gloria Perez really did her job well on this novela. I think we are meant to like Said and feel sorry for him during this time of his life with Jade. Our opinions of him may change as time passes (although mine never did, I still liked Said towards the end), but right now he is supposed to be a very likeable character.

If I were in Jade's shoes, I would have loved Said and forgotten Lucas, but that's not the way the novela was written. I think most women here would cherish being loved by a man the way Said loved Jade, and if he was a bit restrictive, it's to be understood because it was his culture and background. But he was in fact much less restrictive than other Muslim men would have been; how many Muslim men (or men of other cultures which insist on virginity) would have done what he did on his wedding night?

Re: Said (SPOILER)I agree

Author: (---)
Date: 04-28-04 12:02 PDT

I've always loved Said. I think he's hot. He really loves Jade and would do anything for her. He knows she doesn't really love him and he feels the challenge. Later on he changes out of frustration because imagine spending so many years with a person whom you try so hard to please, and in the end they never really want to be with you? It must be difficult for him. If I were Jade, I would forget about everything and be content with Said. he's hot. he he!

Re: The real hero

Author: (---)
Date: 04-28-04 19:56 PDT

Said is REALLY nice. And you can help him get over his restriveness if you're nice to him and Jade is not. But she didn't love him...

Re: Will muslims protest?

Author: (---)
Date: 06-11-03 18:57 PDT

Since Sultanna Freeman has to reveal her face for her photo ID will she and other muslims think it unfair that jewish men are not asked to remove their yarmulke when issued a driver's license? I ask this, because the kippah only covers the back of the man's head. I have seen several photo ID's of my male jewish friends with their yarmulke's on. It does not cover the color of the hair.



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