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International Trade Analyst

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This candidate is no longer looking for a job and his/her contact information has been removed! keep the information below for an archive purpose only.


Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics, CEPEA
International Economy – Study Group on International Trade (GECINT)
(ESALQ: Jan. 2004 - Dec. 2006)

• Trainee
• Writing the weekly news bulletin “GECINT” on international agricultural
• Conducting research on international trade of Brazilian beef and demand on quality

Research Project
(ESALQ: May 2006 - Dec. 2006)

• Scientific investigation financed by The State of São Paulo Research Foundation,
FAPESP: “Study of Demand on Quality by the Brazilian Beef Importers”

Brazilian Association of Beef Exporter Industries
(São Paulo, São Paulo: Mar. 2005 - July 2005)

• Trainee
• Conducted research on international trade of Brazilian beef (analysis of market
potential, market share, exports performance, trade barriers, etc.)

ESALQ Junior Economy Consulting Company
(ESALQ: July 2004 - Nov. 2004)

• Member - founder
• Member of the legal and financial team
• Responsible for accounting (registration, payments, credit control, etc.)

Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics, CEPEA
Swine - Market Information
(ESALQ: Aug. 2003 - Dec. 2003)

• Trainee
• Conducted economic analysis of the swine market
• Wrote the weekly news bulletin “Release CEPEA – Swine” (market price indicators,
price quotation on pork meat, trends, expectations, corn and soybean markets, etc.)


• European Bovine Meat Market: A Strategic Vision (ESALQ: 21 Feb. - 4 Apr. 2006)
• Brazilian Symposium of Bovine Meat (ESALQ: 22 - 24 Mar. 2006)
• 2nd Internacional Seminar on Agro-industrial Logistics (ESALQ: 18 Mar. 2005)
• Marketing in the Agribusiness Sector (ESALQ: 17 Mar. 2005)
• 1st International Seminar on Agro-industrial Logistics (ESALQ: 19 Mar. 2004)
• Demystifying the Financial Market: Tools, Advantages and Applications (ESALQ: 27
Aug. 2003)


• ZIMBRES, T. M.; MIRANDA, S. H. G. de. Opportunities in the Russian Market.
Agro-analysis, São Paulo, v.26, n.3, p.21-24, Mar. 2006.
• ZIMBRES, T. M.; SANJUAN, M. F.; LACÔRTE, M. C. Commercial policy impacts on beef
exports performance. In: 13th SIICUSP – International Symposium of Scientific
Initiation (SIICUSP), São Paulo, Nov. 2005.
• ZIMBRES, T. M.; FILHO, J. H. C.; MIRANDA, S. H. G. de. Comparative of the
Brazilian agro-industrial proposals in international negotiations. In: 12th
International Symposium on Scientific Initiation (SIICUSP), São Paulo, Nov. 2004.
• ZIMBRES, T. M.; ZILLI J. B. The economic importance of the corn and the soybean
in the swine chain to the regions South and Center-West. In: 11th International
Symposium on Scientific Initiation (SIICUSP), São Paulo, Nov. 2003.


Technical Skills:

Currently an undergraduate student of Economic Science at
University of São Paulo (USP) with good qualifications and willing to work and live
in other countries. Good communication and leadership abilities, committed,
extremely focused, ready to assume responsibilities, adaptable to new cultures and
environments. Able to work on own initiative or as part of a team.


• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office XP (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Access), basic knowledge on Statistical Analysis System (SAS) and
Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).


• Currently studying for a degree of Bachelor of Economic Science, Superior School
of Agriculture "Luiz de Queiroz", ESALQ, of the University of São Paulo, USP,
Piracicaba (Feb. 2003 - Dec. 2006).


• International exchange program, St. James Collegiate Academy of Science and
Technology, Winnipeg, Canada (Aug. 2000 - Aug. 2001).


• Fluent in Portuguese
• Fluent in English. Certificates: Preliminary English Test, University of
Cambridge (2000)and Key English Test, University of Cambridge (1999)

Desired Position:: international trade analyst.

References available on request.



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