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Name: Mauricio DaRocha

City: Ft Lauderdale

State: Florida

tel: (203) 947-1144

Desired Position:: Graphic Designer, Web Designer

Experience: * Over 18 years of professional experience in the computer graphics
* Scanning and editing graphics and photos.
* Files size and format management for different projects.
* Photo collage.
* Manipulation and optimization of photos and graphics for final publication and Web.
* Creation of transparent graphics, banners, backgrounds, buttons, image maps.
* GIF animation production for web.
* Desktop Publishing.
* Page layout, proofreading and production of small, large and complex projects and
* File preparation for press output or service bureau, B/W, spot colors and 4-color
* Internet experience email, navigation and the World Wide Web.
* Designing & planning web pages, writing web pages using HTML tags.
* JavaScript: use of behaviors (OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut, OnClick. Etc....), with
some knowledge of AJAX (Javascript & XML)
* Converting ASCII and word processor files to HTML or PDF format.
* High level and wide variety of hardware knowledge.
* Knowledge of computer operational systems: Windows, MS-DOS, MacOS on advanced level.

Technical Skills :: 2004-2006
Graphic Designer, LS Graphics (PCs)
Layout creation of newspaper ads, menus, posters, flyers, business cards, logos,
general artwork design

Graphic Designer, Minuteman Press (Mac G4)
Layout creation of newspaper ads, menus, posters, flyers, business cards, logos,
general artwork design, pre

Graphic Designer/Desktop Publishin/Pre-press, Policor. (PCs/Macs)
Create layout, newspaper, ads, menus, flyers, artwork, signs, stickers, posters.

Graphic/Desktop Publishing Designer, Laser Fotolitos. (PCs/Macs)
Create layout, typesetting, newspapers, books, menus, flyers, artwork, signs, logos,
etc, for press.

Computer Operator, EFAG. (PCs)
Create eletronics sheets, books, flyers.

Computer Teacher, Future. (PCs)
Teaching programs for desktop publishing and programs for office and homes.

Education:: * GED in Connecticut year 2005
* ESL at Bethel High School/Danbury Middle School
* High School, "5 de Julho" (Brazil)
* ESL English as Second Language, CCBEU
* Typist (40-50 wpm)
* Web Page Design
* Web Developer
* Graphic Design
* Desktop Publishing
* Hardware Identification and Upgrade




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