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Programer / Network Specialist

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Name: Wilson Ribeiro

City: Ji-Parana

State: Rondonia

Tel: 55-69-8402-7177

E-mail: /

Ojectives: Network tecnology and database.


Software knowledge:

Linux Registered User # 396848

Windows, Linux/Unix, LAN, WAN, Protocolos, ATM, UDP, FTP, http, ICMP.
Delphi, Pascal, VB, Oracle, Interbase
ERP management softwares

Technical Skills :: Achievements:
-Maranata Timber Cia Exp. Ltda, Rondonia – Brasil – 1998/199
This company exports timber to 06 different countries, therefore the management of
its sales is highly important to its success. Using Delphi 2 and Paradox database I
developed a software to manage their sales and worked with this company to implement
it. Before the development of this software the company used to do its sales
management manually, after the implementation of the software the company was able
to interconnect their logistics, stocks and sales in a reliable manner.

-Cartório de Registro de Imóveis Títulos e Documentos da Comarca de Jaru, Rondonia
– Brasil1999/2000/2001
This company deals with a heavy load of documents that needs to be archived for
further consultation. Using Delphi 4 and Interbase, I developed and implemented a
software that facilitated not only the documents digitalization and archiving, but
also their access, as a result the company was able improve its time to attend a
client, what previously would take hours, after the software implementation started
to take few minutes.

-GM Engeneeging and Contructions Cia Ltda, Rondonia – Brasil – 2002/2003
This company used to have its DBF database done using ERP Protheus 6 (Microsiga),
running in a emulator server called ADS (Advantage Database Server) and it used a
Windows NT 4 as provider. The database was running slow and the performance was not
attending the company’s needs. I implemented a Linux RedHat servidor using a
database Oracle 8i, and implemented an ERP Protheus 6 to a network done with
structured cables and a trellis switch and Cisco routers. The result was higher
speed of access to the database and more reliability on the system.

-Gramazon S/A, Rodonia – Brasil – 2004/2005
This company deals with high tecnology equipment and its offices are located in
different places through the production plant. The company used to use a wireless
net networking that was not working due to the equipments distance. I restructure
the networking system and re-implemented it using ERP Protheus 8 (Microsiga). I also
coordinated the implementation of an optic fiber network to connect the terminals
and stabilize the net connection. The result improved the company’s overall
communication performance.
Coordination of Construction of Net, and re-implantation of the ERP Protheus 8 of

-Holding Guareschi Ltda, Rondonia – Brasil – 2005/2006
This is a group of companies including: GM Engeneering and Construction cia, GM
cosmetics (, Roma Construction Cia and Rio Branco Farm. This
holding wanted to interconect their databases in only one physical place. I
coordinated the execution of a optic fiber network to connect the companies and
facilitate the access to a single database that already existed. The database used
to be done using ERP Protheus 6 and I also updated it to Logix 5.10
(, which is more specific to the companies that were part of
the holding. As a result the companies could easier maintain their database and
keeping it working reliably and fast.


High School, Jaru – Rondonia, Brazil. 1982/1992

Bachelor: Mathematics, Rondonia University UNIR, Rondonia, 2003

Pascal Programming, 1997/1998

Network technique course, 2000/2000

Linux (RedHat,FreeBSD,Suse), 2001/2002

Oracle Tecnology, 2002/2003



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