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IT Technical Support / Hardware Tech. Support

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Name: Marcelo Metzger


City: São Paulo

State: SP

Tel: 5511-9294-7475

Desired Position: IT.Tech.Supp / HelpDesk / Service Desk / Hardware Tech. Support


Performance in the areas of IT, Tech. Support & Services ,R&D, Telecom,
Audit/IT Security-Officer, both related to Management of Infra, Projects in IT &
Telco Environments. Engineering of services for generation of solutions support,
networking IT infrastructure, integration and certifications that Ensure Quality
Systems and its results and integration, migration, including development routines,
Hardware/Software, Middleware, HelpDesk, Back. Office, Call center and Outsourcing,
Auditing Politics and controls of safety Information and Networks. Flows and
Process even Integration to Multi-platforms, ERPs(Microsiga, SAP, Logix,…),
relational DataBases and another existent applications, Head Problem Management
including Disaster Recover, Policies Standards (IT and IS), Telcomm; LAN/WAN under
UNIX/Windows/Linux, Netware and Mainframes environments, with technologies of
Infrastructure Security Networks.

Ability to produce/follow a budget, staffing plan, ability to negotiate with
suppliers and/or Strategy Plans close to Sales Dept. (Pre and Post-Sales),
Marketing and diplomatic relationships to Customers during implementation of
business and products providing direct supervision for local&remote support
engineers responsible for providing post sales technical support to both field
support personnel and customers in their area. Excellent interpersonal abilities
and ability to work under pressure in an international environment.

Academic Graduation

Experience Time: 19 years Availability for Traveling.(Business Visa to
USA and Euro passport)
1985 Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial – F.E.I. S.B.Campo-SP
Eletronic Engineering - (transfered to Álvares Penteado Univ.)
1988 Fundação Álvares Penteado - FECAP São Paulo - SP
(graduated) System Engineering with “Pós-Sensu”
Reg. No. .: S.E.I/CEAP-13.656
1993 VVB –Unesp Univ.
C/C++ Language - “Pós-Sensu” Univ. Level
Victorine Viviane Mizrahi - UNESP
Extra- Curricular

HP-UX / Unix e Redes Unix - Hewlett-Packard Training Center -BRA
HELPDESK Admin. Tool - Hewlett-Packard – Atlanta – USA
ARS/Remedy Administration – Remedy Co. – Pleasanton – CA – USA
Audit Strategy Implementation – International Business Communications
Cellular Tel. Systems (TDMA/CDMA)– BCP Telecomunicações /BellSouth
FORTRAN - FEI – F.E.I. University ASSEMBLER - Z8080/8085 - Álvares Penteado
MULTI-MÍDIA Projects-Philip Shadock - Atlanta - U.S.A
English - Fluency Spanish: Good/Intermediary Portuguese: Native

Fev.2005 - Nov2005 S.P.
AES Eletropaulo Telecom / Metropolitana
IT & Networking Manager
Management of IT (Services, Development and Support) areas and general
re-structuring, re-install new LAN and its draw, Servers under Giga network,
backups, HelpDesk & ERP-Microsiga (payroll, billing, gnrl.administration) & Intranet
implementation and tech-systems developed “in-house”. Documentation. area and
implementation according to centrally definitions guidelines and principles conform
to defined service levels, Lead and coordinate team, maintain their competencies,
motivation and performance, budget, SLAs and professional focus .
Management into Eletropaulo Metropolitana, structuring área and planning new
Telecom & Networking IT infrastructure Team, implementation of new hard&software of
network for new standards equipments ( CISCO) , implement MPLS links for Worldwide
SAP project, Propose and control the operational budget, performance mesure,
Network Assessment (34 sites), re-formatition of Network Security including new
Wireless-net, implement new polices and budget, interface with all levels,
suppliers, customers, etc...

Ag.2003- Jun2004 UNESCO – AAPAS Project
United Nation for Educational, Science and Culture Organization
· Mangement of IT areas (Brasília an São Paulo sites), Project e implementation of
new IT and DataCenter infrastructure including hardware, software, networks project
and links, administrative systems developmt. ERP and legacy systems. Managmt. of all
projects under Project Time Line and BudgetSystems. Implementation of ITSM/CoBIT/BS
to ensure quality results.
Tech. Support & IT Manager
Oct.2002- July.2003 Grupo Lojas Marabraz IT Manager &
Security Officer Mngr.
· To lead Supp.Tech and IT dept., correlated business, Help-Desk/Field Support to 98
Stores; ITSM/PMI/CoBIT Methodology Implementation, NT and Linux (Dell/IBM)
enviroment. Case based under Linux unto all stores. Partnership creation with
Conectiva and Metron Inc to produce and sale computers with Linux to retail only
Marabraz stores.
· Responsible to implement Policies Standars for application Security close to all
IS and IT areas and Disaster Recover methods and policies.Planning new projects and
its models, infra-structure, conduct and support ERP Logix (Logocenter)
implementation. SLA Politcs and Change Mngmt .

Dec-2000/Sept-2002 Zanthus Ind. & Com.
Tech Support Mngr.
· Created and Administer Support Team and HelpDesk/Call-Center , CRM, CTI and
ARS/Remedy systems, Suppy components mngmt. Support control. Problem and Security
Management close to customers and IT area; Providing resolutions to a diverse range
of complex problems.

2000 BCP Telecomunicações São Paulo – SP
Audit Systems Mngr. –IT/IS Security Mngmnt.
· Implementation and administration of Audit Systems in all areas of
Tech-Administrative systems, SAP, Telecom and Information Technology (IT),
including Politics and Controls of Health&Safety Management
Security-Systems-Informations, (IDS/Firewalls/Routers/Proxy/etc), LAN, WAN and TDMA,
Contingency Plans, Follow-up of Business, Contracts. (Under
Unix/Microsoft/Netware/SAP environments). Deploying, developing and managing
security policies.
· Risk Analysis Audit & Control Self Assessment for Assurance Quality Projects.
· Re-formulation and re-focus in the management of projects, contracts and services
to join values as well as in the integration of platforms and technologies, en
· Frauds Control & Management, SLAs check, Billing and Charging, Project Cost.
· Development of the works in partnership with Internal Audit and
majority-technological shareholder (BellSouth); generation of reports for the high

1997-2000 Hewlett Packard do Brasil São Paulo – SP
Specialist Integration Technology/Platforms & Security - Service Engineering Latin
América Region(R&D)
· Responsible to provide direct supervision for up to 100 remote support/system
engineers (front-line, back and field), Development, Integration and Creation of
solutions, Projects and Infrastructure of IT, IC, Telecom, special Networks, Safe
Networks (CoBIT and BS) and new technologies,research and another tools. Support,
assembly, flows and attendance analysts' aid-training (Corporate Help-Desk /
Callcenter-support) to corporations of great load, national and international,
creation of e-Service for central of remote HelpDesk and in the customers. Support
of new business IT/e-Commerce/Web. Head Problem Management for implementations and
Policies Standars with Disaster Recover.
· Technical Support and analysis for Microsoft Solution Provider Partner (“fragile”
area of support in HP to the some customers). Administration of customer networks
and Windows NT-Servers X HP-Ux, with monitoring of servers, operation, IIS ,
Providing resolutions to a diverse range of complex problems.
· Projetc Management of ARS/Remedy/Concord/OpenView Servers for the Latin América
Region; control and management of services and trouble-tickets in HelpDesk. and R&D
together USA team.(transfer project/enviroments from Atlanta to São Paulo).
Deploying, developing and managing security policies related this area. ITSM, ITIL
and PMI methodologies.
· R&D for new tools and solutions in administration & support to Intranet and
Internet, Oursourcing solutions unto eng. area concomitant with Marketing dept. and
Sales, direct relationship with customers.
· Development & Install of Intranet & Internet Servers & Domains under NT and
Unix(HP-UX) plataforms. HTML and JavaScript home-pages creation., Web Server setups,
e Internet Information Server configuration.
· Adjust and config of switches, hubs and routers, Protocols TCP/IP, RF, ATM ,
Frame Relay, Wireless and TDMA and optic cabling.
· Hardware and Software specialist with Technology Certification. Ensure Quality
Systems and its results trhough Capability Model Method.
· Component of LAR Information Team for implantation servers from Atlanta to
Brasil (Concorde/EWM/ARS), Y2K works and contingency plans.

Previous Companies & Experience
SEW do Brasil – SAP- Tech.Support & Network Administrator
Dynalf Eletrônica Ind. & Com. Ltda I.T. Manager
FOLHA DA MANHÃ - (Folha de S.Paulo) Administratives Systems Coordinator
GRUPO ALEXANDRE BALBO - Destilaria Alcool - I.T. Manager
INSTITUTE & UNIVERSITY M A C K E N Z I E - I.Tech.Support Coordinator SONY DA
AMAZÔNIA” - Eletronic Technologist of Production Process
TELECTRONICS MÉDICA (Australian Corp.) Eletronic Technician

Jobs in USA

“TSF U.S.A. CORP.” - Import & Export - Wholesale ( Fl - USA) 1993
System Engineer-
“M.T.I. - Computers “ - (Miami - Flórida - USA) 92/93
System Eng. & Eletronics Technician

Other Informations
· Creation, Implantation and instalation of two ISP – Internet Providers in São
Paulo, belonging managing(Director) of one to them for the two year-old period Using
E1 channel backbone.

Network Projects & Digital Security Transaction Teacher at Anhembi University
Coursing “ Business Managment. of IT”-Univers.Paulista(Cid.Universitária-SP)
Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Tech – 2006 (2261/62)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 – 5 Stars 2005
Microsoft Certified Managmt. Windows Server 2003 Enviroment -2005



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