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Cariris (pronounced Ka-re-rez) is a Brazilian sandal brand (also known as Flip-flops or thongs) that is exported internationally, for example, being featured at several stores, resorts and spas in the United States. Since their creation in the 60's, Cariris flip flops has being growing each year and sice 2005 Cariris flip flops are being sold in the US by

Cariris is the name of a small town in Brazil. Cariris factory is located in the Northeast of Brazil.

The most popular Cariris styles are the Milenio, Wedges, Rally Toddlers and the new Ravenna wedges.

Cariris is a great rubber flip flops for customization. You can personalize Cariris sandals with crystal, ribbons and make it a very fancy flip flop. also offers customization, minimum quantity 100 pairs. Very popular in beach weddings Cariris shoes is a great gift for the guests!

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