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Spa Med Campus has been treating obesity and the consequences of this problem since 1982. Spa Med Campus offers its patients an excellent quality of life and teaches nutritional habits in order to promote a daily healthy lifestyle. The spa offers an effective modern scientific treatment for weight loss.

Combined with the medical clinic is a leisure program treated just as seriously as the medical treatment a patient receives. The facilities offered are that of a superior first class hotel. The spa created this philosophy of treatment, recognized today as Spa Med.

SPA MED'S location was studied and chosen in order to offer a calm place, out of the urban perimeter and amid green areas and a natural lake. It offers the complete services of a hotel with apartments, chalets and huts. Amenities such as a telephone, air conditioning, private bathroom and TV with internal circuit of video and parabolic antenna are available in each guest room.

Our approach to treating obesity is to have a multidisciplinary team consisting of medical doctors and paramedics using a poly therapeutic procedure (diet, physical activities, nutrition education, psychotherapy, occupational therapy and leisure activities).

Our team meticulously researches the physical and psychic condition of the patient through tests and exams for glandular evaluation and hormonal dosage. They also perform biochemical exams and cardio-breathing tests such as: electrocardiogram, test of breathing function among others. The Physiotherapy Department accompanies the treatment with ultra-sounds, short and infrared waves.

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Spa Med Guarujá

Spa Med Guarujá follows the philosophy and method for the treatment of obesity by endocrinologist Dr. Mauro Tadeu Moura, the pioneer in the installation of spas in Brazil. Under his clinical orientation, a multi-disciplined team approaches the treatment of obesity with a therapeutic procedure based on a hyper caloric diet using vitamin and mineral supplements. This procedure is accompanied by medical and psychological supervision, physical activities, esthetic and anti-stress treatments and hydro therapy while avoiding the use of appetite suppressors and hormone substances.


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Obesity occurs due to several factors. Therefore, making it necessary to have a diversified medical team specializing in various fields such as; endocrinologists, cardiologists, general practitioners, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dental surgeons, psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, estheticians, physical education teachers and recreational coordinators who focus in obtaining a positive result in the proposed treatment. That being weight loss, improvement in physical conditioning as well nutritional reeducation.

Spa Med Guarujá/ Casa Grande Hotel Resort is tastefully decorated as can be seen in the lobby, apartments, chalets and suites. The hotel offers complete sports and leisure facilities for daily activities and entertainment. The hotel also offers access to a private golf club nearby.

-5 star accommodations
-cable TV
-Movie theatre, heated pool
-Internet room
-2 fitness rooms
-volleyball and tennis courts
-Golf course
-Esthetic centre
-Medical Centre
-Hydrotherapy Centre
-Beauty Salon

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Sao Pedro Spa Medico

The word SPA was originally derived from the town of Spa-Francorchamp in Belgium. Their waters became famous in Roman times when the "warriors" would come here to drink and bath in the waters to restore their energy.

Throughout the world, the word SPA is associated with the well-being of the human in a pleasing and relaxing environment.

Spa Medico is an extension of the spa concept due to its association with its medicinal treatments in the search for a better quality of life. Founded by doctors with more than fifteen years experience in treatments for the obese and their complications, Sao Pedro Spa Medico combined the most sophisticated and advanced methods with these treatments. Thus, installing them in an environment of extreme beauty and tranquility where physical, leisure and esthetic activities are pursued in harmony.

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Kurotel was created in 1982. Its priority was to attain a state of health with the most modern technological resources in the world. This dedication has earned Kurotel diverse national and international awards in the medical and tourism sector. At Kurotel is a family receiving other families.

Kurotel is located in Gramado city, in the very south of Brazil. The Kurotel complex is at the heart of Gramado. Tourism is the natural vocation of the region. During their first trip, the visitor will see the bavarian architecture carefully rebuilt, the clean and the streets full of flowers.

The lively shops full of regional craftsmanship, clothes, chocolates, original and graceful souvenirs. The visitor will be enchanted with the several parks, lakes, waterfalls, valleys and cinematographical points of view, all joined with good roads. Who comes once will always return.

Included in the Spa packages:

- 7 nights accommodation
- balanced meals
- medical evaluation
- monitored physical activities
- physiological monitoring of psychological processes
- therapies in the Stress Control Center
- physiotherapeutic evaluation
- Kneipp Kur
- Phytotherapic medication during the treatment
- Kur theoretical learning - lectures on how maintaining the Kur Method in your daily life
- Regular medical follow-up
- Feedback: client -clinical team
- Final evaluation
- Recreational activities

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