Of runway of the São Paulo Fashion Week for you

One season of the slightness, fun and much color, combining as never with our spring and our summer: it is for this direction that they point the collections shown in the most recent edition of the SPFW , in its more than 40 parades

If you she is a woman who does not leave of side its "basic black", and if you he is a man who does not excuse a beautiful necktie, to complete its custom, of dark preference, relax: nothing of this it goes to leave fashion, but it goes, this yes, to have space for much more in the stations that more have to each of our tropical country.

The women already can go writing down: appositive a certainty indicates printed , in everything. Geometric figures, flowers, spots, everything blowing up in strong colors. In the fashion to use itself in day-by-day of work, or study, many dresses, many shirts and many bermuda shorts. The pants privateer type, those that go until little below of the knees, can be fashion and can be a temptation, but they are equally a danger for the elegance: corpinho is necessary to have one adequate, and to combine with the blouse and the height of the footwear - in the doubt, cost well not to prevent...

More or less the same thing happens with the masculine wardrobe. You remember that delicious film called Men Black color? Therefore he forgets: in the next months to they will spring/summer the film of the hour will be white men , or almost this, therefore the masculine figure appears now esbanjando clear tones, and more informal of the one than never.

In the feminine feet , the past goes to find the future. It knows those sandals that our grandmothers or mothers used, and that they only left to the sample, in one little hole, the toes? Therefore they are in the fashion of new. The sandals trippings continue its reign, Have babuches of minimum jumps, the peaks can be fine or slightly squares and the platforms continue. It also has much color in the feminine footwear, while the men continue more austere, with dark shoes, of squared peak less of the one than the current ones, when they do not adhere to the tennises - and there without, have all the colors of the world!

Its stock market of summer accurately goes to be this: of summer. The fashion goes to be of the side of the canvases, printed fabrics and embroiderings. The handles are lesser, to take itself in the hands or the shoulder. The models of longer handles go to be used crosses in the chest. The reign of the knapsacks diminishes.

In the fashion beach , the reign of biquíni continues as always, but now it has many tricks that the estilistas make with our traditional two parts - the best one of them is exactly to bind anti-symmetrical the from above part and of low of biquíni with tirinhas. E attention: color and print in everything. "Sungas" masculine is held, less dug and with waist low.

When the occasion asks for to clothes more chic , dobradinha is same with the white and the black person, together or separate, in pants straight lines, blazers soft, in cut dresses, that can go until the knees.


Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

Date of Birth: July 20, 1980

Place of Birth: Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Nationality: Brazilian

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'11"

Agencies: New York - IMG

Gisele Bundchen
c/o IMG
304 Park Ave South, Penthouse North
New York NY 10010

Gisele Bundchen is a Brazilian model who burst onto the fashion scene in 1999. Discovered when she was 14 in a shopping mall, this year she became the prime choice of photographers, magazine editors, and fashion designers alike, as her face appeared on new ad campaigns for leading fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren.


Gisele combines her exotic looks from Brazil with a perfectly sculpted body, making her a heavenly creature.


Although Gisele is only 20 years old and still has many things to learn in life, she is more than grateful and appreciative of the press and media attention she has received this year.

facial features

Though Christy Turlington might have a more symmetrical face, Gisele's face boasts sharp curves, which make her very attractive.

body factor

It's scary to think that she is merely 20 years old. When she fully develops a woman's body, she will definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

career status

Even though her career has just started, she won the prestigious Model of the Year award this year, following in the footsteps of Linda Evangelista and Esther Cañadas.

fashion sense

Due to her relatively young age, she still has a relaxed style that reflects not only her personality, but her youthful spirit as well. A couple more years, and Ms. Bundchen will most likely be exclusively dressed in designer wear.
That Gisele remain as innocent and personable as she is now, when she finally becomes a household name.