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Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2008 in Florida

Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Universal Studios Orlando Florida Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Universal Studios Florida

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Florida

Halloween Horror Nights is a Halloween event presented annually at the Universal Orlando Resort. Beginning in 1991 in Universal Studios Florida with only one haunted house, it has continued annually for 18 years to become one of the largest Halloween events in the United States.

In its later years the event has split time between its original park and the more recently built Islands of Adventure. Universal's design team has created five original icons for the event and have also used many of the Universal Monsters. Recently, they made a deal with New Line Cinema to bring more recent horror icons to the event.

Halloween Horror Nights is a specially ticketed event that takes place on September 26, 27, October 2-5, 9-12, 16-19, 22-26, 29-31 & November 1, 2008

The event features all new horrifying haunted houses, intense scare zones and an all-new "Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure" containing parodies from TV, movies, music and more.

Plus, many rides and attractions will be open during select hours. This is a separately ticketed event and not included with regular park admission tickets.


Discount Tickets to Halloween Horror Nights 2008 in Orlando FL

General Admission Tickets Price $69.99 + Sales Tax
Single Night Admission - All Nights
You can guarantee admission before individual nights sell out when you purchase tickets in advance online.

Save time when you print your tickets at home and go straight to the gate!

Frequent Fear Pass $69.99
BEST VALUE - 13 Nights for the Price of One!
Frequent Fear Pass admission dates include:
September 26, 27, October 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30

Save time when you print your tickets at home and go straight to the gate!

“The Country’s Best Halloween Event” —Amusement Today

Come face to face with your deepest fears as Bloody Mary brings history’s most terrifying urban legends to life at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Trapped inside or on the streets, there’s nowhere you’re safe. It’s the most immersive horror experience ever, with more Scare Zones than ever before, more Scareactors, and the most Haunted Houses ever.

On select nights in September, October, and November, Universal Studios Florida® theme park is transformed into a nightmarish labyrinth of haunted houses, outrageous live shows, and electrifying scare zones while an army of mutants, monsters and maniacs roam the darkened studio streets.

Now in its 18th year, Halloween Horror Nights annually drawing hundreds of thousands of horror fans from around the globe to this one-of-a-kind event. Tony Timpone, Editor of Fangoria Magazine, said, “After visiting scream parks all across the US for the last 20 years, I can easily say that Universal’s is the best in the business… Halloween Horror Nights is the ultimate Halloween experience.”

It’s the greatest exhibition of pure terror ever unleashed anywhere, and you can experience it all, LIVE, only at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Halloween Horror Nights 2008 - XVIII: Reflections of Fear (2008)

In 2008, the Halloween Horror Nights season began on July 1 with an update to the official website. All of the previous content was removed and replaced with a graphic of a psychiatrist's office with a large mirror in it. On the desk was a clickable book of case files, dated from 1958, which would be periodically updated with new cases and progress reports. Additionally, there was a large quote from Sigmund Freud on the page. Throughout July and August new case files were added to the book as the doctor would see new patients. For the early cases the files would state the patients' names, occupations, fears, the doctor's diagnosis, and an audio recording of the treatment. These audio recordings revealed that the doctor was a woman, only the second female icon for the event. The first progress report revealed that her methods were deemed too unorthodox by the National Association of Mental Health (NAMH) and she would receive no funding from the group to go forward with her immersive phobia therapy. Apparently undeterred, case files appeared for an illustrator of children's books who feared images associated with folktales and an astronaut recruit who feared space and was paranoid. After her treatments, both patients were sent to mental institutions. Her third case was that of a photographer who was afraid of the ghostly images that appeared in his photographs. She indirectly caused his death with her immersion therapy and the next tab to appear showed her plans to bring her experiments in a new direction. Also, email subscribers received emails from a private eye name Boris Shuster, who was investigating the disappearance of the photographer, who had been helping him on a divorce case. He had heard about Mary and broke into her office, failing to learn anything about the photographer. He later finds out that all her patients have been disappearing, and decided to schedule an appointment with her, pretending to have Iatrophobia(fear of doctors). In the last email he sent, he says that Mary sits talking to herself in the mirror for hours, and that if he doesn't come back from his appointment, it will be "up to you". As of September 20th, his fate remain unknown.

With this new direction also came a change to her office as her desk became disheveled. This was expanded upon with her case book as her writing became scribbled and sketches were drawn around the pages. In the next two cases, a high school student afraid of constriction and a drama voice coach afraid of stories, she set up their treatments purposely to cause their deaths. On August 12. the Freud quote was changed and the next progress report came with more of a mess in the office. The doctor revealed that her mental state had deteriorated, but that she would continue. Her next two patients were revealed a week later, a gem dealer afraid of contamination, fire, and swallowing, and a psychiatrist, revealed to be on the NAMH board, afraid of surgery and dead bodies. She directly killed both patients, the first by incineration and the second by drilling through his body. Her fourth progress report came a day later with the mirror broken to shards in the office. She cryptically stated that she knew someone was watching her work and that person could no longer hide from her. With the fourth progress report came another change to the quote. This time revealing her name as Dr. Mary Agana. Due to the name revelation as well as the mirror references, some have speculated a connection to the urban legend of Bloody Mary. Her latest report on August 26 reveals that she may now have a multiple personality disorder, as evidenced by her referring to herself as "us" and "we". She has also written the same date all over the page: August 27, 1958. On August 27, the office was changed again. The mirror is smashed and the office has aged considerably. Blood, smashed glass, and a pack of matches from the Kitty Kat Club with 7:00 written on it have been spilled over the table. The theme of Bloody Mary is seemingly more plausible now. At midnight on early August 28, the site was fully revealed, containing the official discriptions of the event's Haunted Houses, Scare Zones and Shows, and an option to "look behind Bloody Mary's mirror".

For more information visit /www.halloweenhorrornights.com


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